Best Chinchilla Food [Best Chinchilla Pellets + Tips]

Ensuring your chinchilla is being provided the best chinchilla pellets and best chinchilla food is critical towards providing the best care possible.

Chinchilla pellets are one of the critical pieces of a chinchilla’s diet, and choosing the best pellets, is going to ensure your chinchilla lives a long, happy, and healthy life.

I have owned a chinchilla now for roughly 4.5 years and tried several different kinds of chinchilla pellets trying to determine the best chinchilla foods for my chin and wanted to ensure I could relay all of my findings to the Planet Chinchilla Community.

Here are the 5 best chinchilla pellets options you have:

Best Chinchilla PelletsOverviewRead Further Details and Nutritional Information
Oxbox Essentials Chinchilla FoodView on Amazon
Mazuri Chinchilla Diet PelletsView on Amazon
Kaytee Timothy Complete PelletsView on Amazon
Selective Petfood Science SelectiveView on Amazon
Kaytee Fiesta Food PelletsView on Amazon

The table above breaking down the best chinchilla pellets can be your quick reference guide allowing you to decide for yourself.

If you want to see the in-depth reviews of the best chinchilla pellets, you can continue to read below.

I’ll break down the 5 best chinchilla pellet options you have in addition to answering some of the most frequently asked questions new chinchilla owners have when it comes to providing the best food and best pellets to the new member of the family.


More specifically, I plan to break down this quick guide to choosing the best chinchilla pellets in the following manner:

As stated just a moment ago, if you need to skip around in this post to save time or you only need limited information, feel free to do so using the links above.

Otherwise, give me about 2 minutes, and I will break down everything I believe you need to know about choosing the best chinchilla pellets and chinchilla food in general for your new chin.

Here are the critical details to understand.

Best Chinchilla Pellets, The Top 5 Options for Chinchilla Pellets Broken Down

Ranked #1- Oxbox Essentials- Chinchilla Food

The Oxbox Essentials Chinchilla pellets come in ranked #1 for a few reasons.

First and foremost, it checks all the boxes needed to keep your chinchilla at peak health.

The pellets are specially formulated for chinchillas and are designed to help maintain a strong and healthy digestive function and provide optimal dental health.

Additionally, I am a fan of the Oxbox Essentials pellets due to the increased levels of fiber, which is a primary need for chinchillas to live long and healthy lives.

I also love that these chinchilla pellets are backed by reliable reviews and can be offered in larger quantities.

Do not hesitate to go with a larger size bag.

These pellets are not going to go bad, and they are currently the pellets I use daily for my 5-year-old female chinchilla “Chili.”

You can check out these chinchilla pellets here (Link to Amazon)

Ranked #2- Mazuri Chinchilla Diet Pellets

The Mazuri Chinchilla Food is another excellent option for chinchilla pellets.

Mazuri ensures that no additional supplements are needed if you offer your chinchilla these pellets and include plenty of fiber and incorporates timothy hay into the mix.

For those of you new to owning a chinchilla, timothy hay is one of the best hay’s you can use for a chinchilla, so having it blended into the pellets is a nice bonus.

In addition to the previously mentioned benefits, you also get flaxseed, probiotics, vitamin e, and vitamin c, which are all great nutrients to provide your chinchilla.

All these benefits, in addition to the ease of purchase through Amazon make it a great choice and my number 2 ranked chinchilla pellet option.

You can check out these chinchilla pellets here (Link to Amazon)

Ranked #3- Kaytee Timothy Complete Pellets

I am a big fan of many things Kaytee.

They make quality and safe products for chinchillas, including many of my favorite chinchilla accessories.

When it comes to finding the best chinchilla pellets and food, they are still a leader and offer a great option.

The Kaytee Timothy Pellets are great for promoting healthy chewing, which naturally helps your chinchilla maintain healthy teeth.

Kaytees pellets also offer probiotics, are blended with timothy hay, and contain no fruit or sugary treats, which is also a plus with a chinchilla’s sensitive digestive tracts.

Overall, Kaytee’s Timothy Complete is an excellent option to choose for your chinchilla pellets.

You can check out these chinchilla pellets here (Link to Amazon)

Ranked #4- Selective Petfood Science Selective

Selective Chinchilla pellets is another high-quality pellet you can opt to offer your chinchilla and for an excellent price.

It is another high fiber formulated pellet designed to help support digestive function in addition to providing healthy skin and coats of fur for your chinchilla.

Most of the pellets we discuss in this post will boast the same functionality and benefits.

It is all about finding quality chinchilla pellets that are designed specifically for chinchillas offering no additives while supporting healthy teeth and other significant bodily functions.

Selective Chinchilla pellets check all these boxes and make for an excellent choice.

You can check out these chinchilla pellets here (Link to Amazon)

Ranked #5- Kaytee Fiesta Food Pellets

Kaytee comes in with another top 5 ranked chinchilla pellets on the list.

I told you I love Kaytee products, didn’t I?

This blend is a bit different from the previous option.

The Kaytee Fiesta Food pellets are more designed to help promote more chewing for your chinchilla by using larger pieces of food.

In addition to having that nice crunch, they are also packed full of the needed nutrients your chinchilla needs to remain happy and healthy.

This includes the standard probiotics in addition to the fiber needed to support digestive health.

I also love that this pellet option comes in bags of 3.

That is right; you get 3 bags of 2.5LB’s of pellets.

You can check out these chinchilla pellets here (Link to Amazon)


How Much Chinchilla Pellets Should My Chinchilla Be Eating?

When it comes to the exact amount of chinchilla pellets your chinchilla should be eating, it is relatively difficult to pinpoint a precise measurement.

It is more important that your chinchilla continues eating, agrees that you have one of the best pellets that they prefer, and is maintaining a healthy weight.

Investing in a cheap scale for your chinchilla can help you monitor this.

For me personally and my chinchilla, I always use a food bowl that I keep full and am currently using the number 1 ranking chinchilla pellet on this list.

I also always use two hay feeders full of timothy hay.

If she is still working through her hay and her pellets, I assume we have no issue and do my diligence checking for an illness with my chinchilla in other ways.

If, for whatever reason, your chinchilla begins to decrease their pellet of food intake, you should weigh your chinchilla or speak to a vet about the situation to ensure your chinchilla is in top health.

Chinchilla Will Not Eat Pellets, What Should You Do?

If your chinchilla is not eating pellets, you may have a few issues.

First, it is important to understand that changing foods is typically not a good idea.

Once you have decided which one of these pellets’ options are going to be your go-to-best chinchilla pellet, stick with it.

It is also important to recognize if your chinchilla is not eating due to not liking the pellets or an illness.

Therefore, I always offer pellets, hay, and hay cubes in addition to apple sticks to chew on.

Give your chinchilla all the items needed in their diet to remain healthy and help them with their chewing needs.

Now, I also want to touch on some secondary chinchilla food options before sending you on your way.

While these still may be considered pellets in some situations, I broke them down and pictured them as more of a supplement for a chinchilla and the option you may turn too if your chinchilla doesn’t respond great to pellets.

Best Food for Chinchillas Outside of Pellets

Below is going to be the list I have compiled, breaking down the best secondary chinchilla food options that you can use in addition to the best pellets or best hay.

You can also use a few of these as a substitute if need be.

Let’s take a look.

Best Chinchilla FoodChinchilla Food OverviewView Additional Nutritional Information
Friends Farm Supreme Chinchilla FoodView on Amazon
Modesto Milling Organic Non-GMO Chinchilla PelletsView on Amazon
Vitakraft Vita Smart Chinchilla FoodView on Amazon

Ranked #1- Friends Farm Supreme Chinchilla Food

Friends Farm chinchilla food is another excellent option for a well-balanced food option for your chinchilla.

It has no added sugars and helps to promote healthy fur and skin your chinchilla.

Not to mention, they will absolutely love it.

You can check out this chinchilla food here (Link to Amazon)

Ranked #2- Modesto Milling Organic Non-GMO Chinchilla Pellets

Modesto is one of the few organic options you have for your chinchilla and is considered non-GMO.

It comes in a much larger sized bag (10LB) but for the cost, is one of your cheaper options you can opt to purchase for your chinchilla.

It offers all the nutritional value you need for a healthy chinchilla and makes for an excellent option.

You can check out this chinchilla food here (Link to Amazon)

Ranked #3- Vitakraft Vita Smart Chinchilla Food

This is another great option for chinchilla food.

It boasts all the same nutritional value you will get from the other options we have listed out in this post and is offered in a 3lb bag.

It is packed with vitamins and offers strong dental support for your chinchilla.

You can check out this chinchilla food here (Link to Amazon)

What You Need to Keep in Mind When Searching for The Best Chinchilla Pellets & Food

Something you need to keep in mind when searching for the best chinchilla pellets or the best chinchilla food is that all chinchillas will be different.

Sure, a lot of chinchillas will be just like my 4.5-year-old female chinchilla and love pellets, timothy hay, and hay cubes.

She eats it all and does not have much of a system as to why she eats more or less of one of the options each day.

As my own chinchilla breeder once told me at the adoption, this may not always be the case.

You may have a chinchilla that loves hay and hay cubes and favors the chinchilla pellets more.

You may have a chinchilla that is the exact opposite.

Therefore, I prefer and recommend giving your chinchilla options.

At least in the beginning as a new chinchilla owner until you know for sure which food or pellet option they prefer.

Doing so is going to ensure they get the nutrients they need, including fiber, proteins, and vitamin c.

Not to mention, it ensures you are providing them what they need to ensure they have the chance to file down their teeth accordingly.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, what may be the best chinchilla pellet for me, may not end up being the chinchilla pellet you prefer to use, and that is perfectly fine.

It is only important to ensure the option is available, and your chinchilla gets the diet they need to remain healthy and living a long, happy life.

Chili and I certainly wish you the best of luck with your pellet and food search and the journey ahead of you with your new chinchilla!

Share Your Thoughts

Do you have any other recommendations you would like to share or believe there is another pellet that deserves to be ranked as the best chinchilla food or best chinchilla pellet?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Chili and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today, and we will see you next time.

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