Can 2 Chinchillas Live in The Same Cage [Exercise Caution!]

Adopting a chinchilla is an excellent decision.

They make for fantastic family pets and are a unique rodent in several ways.

However, chinchillas are also a bit more unknown compared to other rodents.

Individuals who are contemplating adoption or recently adopted a new chinchilla often have a bunch of questions.

One of those questions is extremely simple but also has important subjects that needs to be discussed.

Can two chinchillas live in the same cage?

I’ve owned a chinchilla for several years now, and here is what I can tell you on this topic.

So, can two chinchillas live in the same cage? Yes, two chinchillas can live in the same cage. It’s recommended to have two males or two females living in the same cage and for the process to begin at an early age. As chinchillas age, the more challenging the bonding process can become.

Now, just because I stated that same-sex chinchillas are the desired way to place two chinchillas in the same cage does not mean it’s your only option.

Plenty of information needs to be discussed on this topic, and it’s precisely what I intend to do in this brief post.

I’m going to break down everything you need to know about pairing two chinchillas.

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Otherwise, if you have the time to spare, let me break down what you need to know about keeping 2 chinchillas in the same cage.

Here are those details.

Can 2 chinchillas live together?

I always like to be 100% transparent with my readers. The first thing to get out in the open is that I do not currently have two chinchillas living in the same cage.

However, I can assure you that my time owning a chinchilla, my time invested in creating this resource for chinchilla owners, and my time speaking with other chinchilla owners, that the information provided in this post is accurate and you can rely on it.

With that being said, let’s discuss a bit further about if you can have 2 chinchillas live together in the same cage.

The answer like stated previously is yes.

2 chinchillas can absolutely live together in the same cage.

In most situations, unless you plan to breed chinchillas or don’t mind the chance of having baby chinchillas or “kits” on your hands, you will want to have 2 chinchillas of the same sex living in the same cage.

You also, if possible, want to start this process as soon as possible and when chinchillas are young.

Chinchillas are naturally very social.

They are also friendly and don’t have issues with other chinchillas, but it’s been said and proven that the older a chinchilla gets that is accustomed to living alone, the harder it may be to bond your chinchillas.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should never attempt this.

My recommendation is to always start by bonding two chinchillas in separate cages butted up against each other.

This gives them time to adjust to smells, sounds, and the environment in general.

Once it appears that they are comfortable, you can begin having them out for playtime together.

I recommend expediting this process by using something such as the Pop-Up Animal Play Tent (Link to Amazon)

The reason I like this is that it forces some closer interaction and will make your two chinchillas interact not only more intimately with each other but with you as well.

It’s the process I used to socialize my chinchilla with me as her owner.

I think it’s a secret weapon when it comes to warming up a chinchilla and gets them used to each other, handling by you and speeds up the process dramatically.

Once you have witnessed your two chinchillas desirably interacting with each other, it’s safe to place them in the cage together.

Just be sure to continue monitoring the behavior and have a large enough chinchilla cage to support having 2 chinchillas together in the same cage (more on this later).

Do Chinchillas Like to Live in Pairs?

This question is very similar to the last, but it’s still important to cover.

Do chinchillas like to live in pairs? Yes, chinchillas like to live in pairs. With proper bonding and starting at young ages, chinchillas thrive with having a second chinchilla inside of their cage. Chinchillas are social creatures that desire social interaction and companionship.

This holds especially true if you aren’t the person that typically has the time to get your chinchilla out of the cage every day for playtime.

Chinchillas can get depressed without social interaction.

A perfect solution is always to consider a second chinchilla if it’s something feasible and affordable for you and your family.

The Bonding Process and Precautions

We touched on this a bit previously.

The bonding process is essential for chinchillas when you begin the journey of having two chinchillas living in the same cage.

Especially if you are starting with a chinchilla that’s a few years older and hasn’t lived with a chinchilla in the past.

Ensure you take this process one step at a time and do it slowly.

Start by having them get used to those sounds and smell first and then follow the directions I provided above to ensure that they are ready for the next step.

Doing so will only avoid issues in the future and ensure that they are ready to be friends for a lifetime.

How Big Should A Cage Be For 2 Chinchillas?

Chinchillas need plenty of space to jump and climb.

Clearly, if you have two chinchillas in a cage, it’s imperative that you provide even more space.

You also need to ensure you are providing enough of the necessary chinchilla accessories for both chinchillas.

This includes items such as chinchilla toys.

It even includes ensuring that you have two separate water bottles for each chinchilla.

I personally would not go any smaller than a cage such as the Critter Nation 2 Dual Level Cage (Link to Amazon)

It’s currently the cage I use for just one chinchilla but believe entirely that it would be just fine if I want to add a second chinchilla.

It’s vertically tall enough and a durable cage.

Not to mention, it’s detachable and has 2 sections, which is even more desirable for having two chinchillas in the same cage.

If you need to read my full review of the Critter Nation Cage, you can do it here.

You can also view my post about the best chinchilla cages here in case you want to explore other options that I’ve tried and recommend to the readers.

Final Thoughts

Two chinchillas can live together in one cage, and I recommend it if you have the time and patience to bond them correctly.

Chinchillas love being around other chinchillas and you as the owner.

They are easy pets to care for and having a second chinchilla will only make your first chinchilla live a long, happy, and healthy life.

I wish you the best of luck with your bonding process and your second chinchilla.

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