Caring For Your Chinchilla


Can Chinchillas Get Fleas? [A Few Things to Keep in Mind]

It’s not fun to think of any form of pest or parasite making their way onto our chinchillas’ bodies or finding ways to irritate our favorite furry chinchillas. In fact, many individuals considering purchasing a chinchilla may have these kinds of questions up front before every becoming a chinchilla owner. […]


Do Chinchillas Like to Be Held? [You Need to Know This]

When you first embark on the journey on owning your first chinchilla, you may have several questions. Well, let’s be real. You probably have hundreds of questions. I know I did. I was on google nearly every minute, in the beginning, trying to learn as much as I possibly could […]


Do Chinchillas Get Lonely? [Here Is How You Avoid That]

Chinchillas are one of the easiest pets to take care of. Some food, water and shelter and for the most part, they can take care of themselves. However, keep in mind that often, we as the owners, often have busy lives and can’t always carve out time to spend quality […]


Do Chinchillas Shed? [Yes, A Look at Chinchilla Fur]

Our pet chinchillas are furry, loving creatures. We all know how soft that fur is too. At least those of who own chinchillas currently. I’d say the fur on my pet chinchilla is perhaps the best thing anyone can touch. With that luxurious fur, come concerns. We want our chinchillas’ […]