Chinchilla FAQ

can chinchillas jump gray chinchilla

Can Chinchillas Jump? [Yes, Here’s How to Prepare]

If you have already purchased a chinchilla or perhaps you are planning to do so soon, you may have some lingering questions, and concerns about how these furry creatures tend to behave. That’s okay and perfectly normal. I was the exact same way. I probably googled more information about chinchilla’s […]


Why Do Chinchillas Ears Turn Red? [Avoid Overheating + Tips]

Owning a chinchilla can come with many questions and fears. Especially when you first adopt a chinchilla. Don’t worry; however, most of them are just the beginning phases of owning any pet when we aren’t quite sure what to do in certain circumstances. Don’t let my opening line turn you […]

is fleece safe for chinchillas

Is Fleece Safe for Chinchillas? [Yes, And It Works Fantastic]

Purchasing a chinchilla is incredible but at the same time, it can give you some anxiety and stress about what the best practices may be and how to ethically care for them accordingly. Chinchillas while somewhat fragile pets are extremely easy to care for. However, you certainly have certain things […]