Chinchilla FAQ


Why Do Chinchillas Lose Their Fur? [This is How to Avoid It]

So, you’re worried about those bald spots and the beautiful fur slipping off your chinchilla? That’s 100% understandable. As a chinchilla owner we all have concerns and questions that we encounter throughout the journey. Chinchillas are known for having some of the cleanest most beautiful furs among all small pets. […]


Why Do Chinchillas Bark? [Plus Other Chinchilla Sounds]

Any of us who own any small pets, know that they tend to some hilarious, crazy things from time to time. It’s these moments that usually get us that smile from ear to ear.  Chinchillas are no different. Chinchillas do many things that can leave you smiling day in and […]


Why Do Chinchillas Shake? [Don’t Startle Your Chinchilla]

Chinchillas display many behaviors that are nearly impossible not to smile at. Chinchillas understand your routines such as when it’s time to eat and even when it’s time to take a much-needed dust bath. A chinchilla can even express its approval of a visitor with a stare-down or other (paw […]


Do Chinchillas Bite? [Sometimes, Here’s How To Avoid It]

  Chinchillas are one of the most loved small animals that families have all around the world. Why wouldn’t they be? They are adorable fury loveable creatures.  If you haven’t looked at a chinchilla online or seen how adorable they are then you are missing out. Find any video of […]


Do Chinchillas Recognize Their Owners?[Yes,They Love You!]

Many chinchillas’ owners spend a lot of time loving and showing affection toward there furry friends. Some may even refer to the chinchilla as one of their own. Almost like having another child around the house.  I’m sure for any of you who have owned a chinchilla or currently own […]


Why Do Chinchillas Bathe in Dust? [An Easy Explanation]

I’m sure if you are a new chinchilla owner you are probably curious about many things. We all were and have been there. I had a big list of questions on my first chinchilla.  It’s just the nature of being a pet owner. If you’re anything like me, you probably […]