Do Chinchillas Need A Water Bottle?[Yes+Proper Set Up Tips]

Adopting a chinchilla is extremely exciting but doesn’t come without some concerns and many chinchilla owners want to know if a water bottle is required for your chinchilla and the chinchilla cage.

That’s perfectly normal, and I’m glad I can shed some light on common questions.

Today’s topic is about a simple question new chinchilla owners pose about water consumption and what chinchilla’s drink out of.

Do chinchillas need a water bottle?

I have been raising a chinchilla for the past 5 years and here is what I can tell you on this topic.

So, do chinchillas need a water bottle? Yes, chinchillas need a water bottle. Chinchillas should only consume water out of a water bottle. Using bowls or other methods to provide water to a chinchilla is not recommended. Chinchillas always need an unlimited supply of water through a water bottle.

Clearly, unlimited water supply through a water bottle doesn’t mean to hook the water bottle up to a water line.

It merely means that a water bottle is needed, and you need to keep it topped off and full of fresh and clean water as much as possible.

The rest of this post is designed to provide you with other tips, tricks, and recommendations for the proper cage set up, finding the best chinchilla water bottles and where to place them inside the chinchilla cage.

Here’s what’s on our agenda for today’s discussion:

As stated previously, if you are in a hurry and only need help with perhaps one or two questions regarding this topic, feel free to use the links above to skip to any section of this post.

This post is roughly a 2-minute read from start to finish.

If you have those 2 minutes to spare, I recommend you grab a coffee, take a seat and learn the ins and outs of providing your chinchilla with adequate water, among other tips and tricks.

Here’s what you need to know:

Why Chinchillas Need A Water Bottle

The reason chinchillas need a water bottle is simple.

It’s the best and most effective way for them to consume water.

A chinchillas diet, nutrition, and water consumption are of utmost importance.

Water bowls and other methods pose challenges for chinchillas.

One of them is simply the possibility of bedding, shavings, and even chinchilla poop potentially getting into their water supply.

Chinchilla’s poop a lot and about every other step they take.

Using a water bowl is begging for the possibility of your chinchilla falling ill or the water becoming contaminated.

Don’t do this.

A water bottle is cheap, what’s needed, and the ethical approach.

Not to mention, it’s the simplest way to afford your chinchilla a clean water supply at all times.

Using a water bowl instead of a water bottle can also give your chinchilla a strong chance of getting wet if they tip the water bowl over or accidentally jump inside of the water bowl.

How Much Water Do Chinchillas Need?

I’m sure there is a scientific answer to this question based on a chinchilla’s average weight, but that wouldn’t be the best answer to provide my readers.

The best answer is to keep this simple.

Keep the water bottle FULL.

It should be full as often as you notice it below the full mark.

Your chinchilla may consume a lot of water one day and a minimum amount of water the following day.

I personally always have two water bottles attached to my chinchilla’s cage.

I have one of the top deck of the Critter Nation 2 cage as well as the lower floor of the cage.

This is merely playing it safe.

If I were to end up out of town for a night or forget to fill one, I know she always has a backup water bottle ready to go for her.

This is another reason the Critter Nation 2 cage is always my recommended cage.

Large chinchilla cages provide the ability to do things such as having multiple water bottles attached, among other useful items.

If you are in the market for your first cage or an upgrade, you should check it out.

Here’s the Link to Amazon for the Critter Nation 2 Cage.

You can also read my in-depth review of the Critter Nation Chinchilla Cage here.

Anyways, back on topic.

Always have full water bottles for your chinchilla attached to the cage or as often as possible.

Period and case closed.

Is Tap Water Okay for A Chinchilla?

Tap water is fine for your chinchilla, assuming you know it’s clean water that you would drink the water yourself.

I personally use bottled water for my chinchilla, but that has nothing to do with tap water, not being a safe option.

It’s completely safe.

If you live in an area and use well-water, I’d likely stick to bottled water.

However, as stated previously, if you know the water is clean and safe, then it’s perfectly okay to use tap water for your chinchilla.

Setting Up Your Chinchilla Water Bottle Properly

This is mostly common sense and doesn’t require much to do correctly.

Glass and plastic chinchilla water bottles typically come with two clips and a stretchy band that holds the water bottle in place on the outside of your chinchilla cage.

The best chinchilla cages always have a nice enough gap between the bars to feed the nozzle of the water bottle through for easy access.

As far as the proper height for the water bottle, simply ensure your chinchilla can reach it but doesn’t need to lay down to consume it.

Typically, this is likely to be about 4-5 inches off the ground level of the cage where your chinchilla would be standing.

If it appears your chinchilla must position themselves in an uncomfortable manner to consume the water, simply detach the water bottle and adjust the height of the water bottle accordingly.

Easy as 1,2,3.

Best Chinchilla Water Bottles-Best Glass and Plastic Chinchilla Water Bottles

As far as picking the best chinchilla water bottle, there really isn’t much to it.

Most of the water bottles you find online will work excellent.

I personally like the water bottles that don’t leak water into the cage and prefer the chinchilla water bottles that have a larger capacity.

This is also partially because I’m always nervous that something could happen and prefer to have as much water possible available to my chinchilla at all times.

Currently, I use the 2 of the Lixit Glass Tube Water Bottles.

They come with fantastic holding mechanisms and additional safety holder for the nozzle where the water releases.

You can see the Lixit Glass Tube Water Bottle Here (Link to Amazon) here.

If this isn’t quite the water bottle, you are a fan of, you can honestly choose any durable plastic or glass rodent water bottle on Amazon that fits your style more.

Some are going to be better than others, and yes, I’ve tried several, but for the most part, all the available chinchilla water bottles will get the job done.

I just wanted a reliable water bottle that didn’t leak that I didn’t need to keep purchasing every month or two when leaks or other issues began.

Cleaning Your Chinchilla Water Bottle

This last tip I have for you is likely skipped more often than you would like to hear or know about.

Please make sure to clean your chinchilla water bottle at least once a week when you perform other regular chinchilla cage cleanings.

Chinchilla water bottles can grow bacteria and other fungi over time, and to ensure your chinchilla remains happy and healthy, you need to clean every aspect of their living quarters and cage.

Simply rinse it with soap and water, dry it adequately and re-attach the water bottle to the cage.

It’s easy, takes 10 seconds out of your life, and ensures you avoid costly medical/vet bills from your chinchilla falling ill.

A Chinchilla Always Needs A Water Bottle

Just in case we got off track any during this post, I wanted to recap the original question that led you here in the first place.

Do chinchillas need a water bottle? Yes, chinchillas need a water bottle, and you should not use any other methods for providing your fresh chinchilla water.

Find a reliable and durable water bottle such as the Lixit I recommend previously, keep it full and keep it clean and you will be in excellent shape.

Best of luck with your upcoming chinchilla adoption.

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Any further tips or suggestions you recommend?

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Thanks again, and we will catch you next time.

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