Caring For A Chinchilla is Not As Straightforward as You May Believe

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But What Problems Can It Actually Solve When It Comes Down to Adopting And Raising A Chinchilla?

  • A Full Detailed PDF E-Book (Instant Download) Covering All Aspects of Providing and Preparing to Raise and Adopt a New Chinchilla (100+ Pages and 7 Detailed Chapters)
  • Learn How to Handle Your Chinchilla Properly and Get Your Chinchilla To Enjoy Being Held and Interacting With Your Entire Family
  • Learn How to Properly Hold Your Chinchilla and How To Get Them In and Out Of The Cage With Ease
  • Learn How and Where to Properly Set up And Structure Your Chinchilla's Cage or Habitat Like a Pro
  • Learn The Best Methods During The First Weeks Of Having Your Chinchilla At Your Home After The Adoption
  • A Massive Value, Time Saver, Money Saver, and Headache Saver.....Not to Mention a Major Anxiety Relief Caring For Your New Chinchilla
  • Learn How To Recognize Illness and How to Effectively Help Your Chinchilla When Illness Presents
  • A Detailed Process To Build a Strong and Loving Bond With Your Chinchilla
  • Over 102 Other Frequently Asked Questions Explained In Depth
  • An Overview of The History of Chinchillas In Addition to Physical and Behavioral Characteristics
  • Detailed Guide and Inside Information on How To Make The Adoption Process As Easy as 1,2,3.
  • A Full Guide on What To Expect After Adoption and Understanding How to Provide Initial Care and Long Term Care For Your Chinchilla
  • Exclusive Look at The Best Chinchilla Gear, Accessories and Items To Purchase That Are Budget Friendly and Chinchilla Safe (This part is Critical and Will Save You $$ Hundreds in the Future)
  • A Full Guide and Overview Allowing You to Provide The Best Chinchilla Diet Possible
  • A Real E-Book From A Real Chinchilla Owner With A Motive To Provide The Best Resource For New Chinchilla Owners Possible
  • The Story of My Adoption

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While Chinchillas make for excellent pets, the adoption process is not as easy as many believe and having reliable information at your fingertips is imperative towards making the process that much easier.

Learning how to properly handle, building a bond and building trust can be even more tricky if you are not adequately prepared.

If you are considering adopting a chinchilla in the near future or recently adopted a chinchilla, you have come to the right place.

Much of the information found in this eBook is not available for viewing on Planet Chinchilla’s website making it exclusive material.

Not only that, but I’ve made it my goal to ensure that all the steps I know other chinchilla owners struggle with, are contained in this eBook with actionable advice from someone who has been through the same struggles you be encountering or may encounter after your adoption.

With more than 30,000 unique visitors per month and over 5,000 subscribers, I decided it was time to deliver the ultimate value to this loyal community.

Why The Ultimate Care Chinchilla Guide Was Published

If anyone understands the frustration that comes with searching for answers and reliable information about providing the best care for a new chinchilla, it’s me.  I’ve been through it and it was a struggle, to say the least.

Planet Chinchilla was built primarily to change that narrative and to begin providing a trusted source of information for new or experienced chinchilla owners.

This eBook contains what I would consider a full scope detailed care guide for your new chinchilla.

It’s essentially a book covering my entire journey, answering hundreds of frequently asked questions as well as providing you with the best recommendations I can and recommendations that I know will build the bond with your chinchilla and provide the safest and most complete care possible.

This book also gives an exclusive look into my dedicated resource page.


What Are The Risk and Downfalls You May Encounter Not Having a Resource Such As This eBook At Your Fingertips?

  • Not Understanding How To Properly Handle and Hold A Chinchilla Safely and Comfortably
  • Rushing the Bonding Process After Adoption and Not Acclimating Your Chinchilla Properly
  • A Lack of Understanding Of Socializing Your Chinchilla And Making Your Chinchilla Friendly and Enthusiastic With The Entire Family
  • Not Knowing How To Properly Chinchilla Proof A Safe Room For Your Chinchilla to Play and Interact Inside Of
  • The Potential of Choosing A Dangerous or Non- Sufficient Chinchilla Cage Causing Your Chinchilla Depression and Potential Injury
  • Not Having The Proper Knowledge About Which Foods, Hay, Pellets, Fruits and Vegetables Are Safe and Not Safe For Your Chinchilla Which Can Ultimately Cause Illness and Even Death
  • Not Understanding How to Introduce A Second Chinchilla and Properly Introducing and Bonding 2 Chinchillas
  • Not Being Prepared For The Adoption and Not Understanding How to Safely Travel With Your Chinchilla
  • Wasting Money on Potential Items For Your Chinchilla That Are Not Needed or Considered Dangerous For Your Chinchilla
  • Not Understanding How to Get Your Chinchilla In and Out of The Cage Properly
  • Not Having The Information At Your Finger Tips That Allows You To Offer The Best Care Possible and Most Ethical Care Possible For Your New Chinchilla
  • Not Understanding How to Read Your Chinchilla's Body Language and Responding Accordingly
  • Not Having the Knowledge or Refrences To Help You Recognize Illness or Injury With Your Chinchilla and How to Handle the Situations
  • Not Having The 91 Answers Provided In This eBook to All of the Frequently Asked Questions
  • Not Having a Quick Resource Page Breaking Down The Only Items You Need to Purchase For Your Chinchilla In Addition To Which Items Are 100% Safe For Your Chinchilla and Which Items Are 100% Recommended For Your Chinchilla
  • Not Having A Quick Refrence Guide About Choosing An Ideal, Climate Controlled Room For Your Chinchilla When You Arrive Home

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