About Josh Martin

Josh Martin


Josh Martin is the owner and founder of RGM Marketing LLC and PlanetChinchilla.com.

My Work Story

In addition to owning and operating PlanetChinchilla.com, I also own and operate another pet website dedicated to the two dogs I own.

Here’s a quick video explaining how Planet Chinchilla was born and introducing myself for all of you.


I guess in simple terms, it’s a website dedicated to nothing but specific dog breeds to help individuals learn to train, raise and care for their pets just like I do here with Planet Chinchilla.

I’m a full-time paid advertising marketer focused primarily on the life insurance industry.

I knew that I enjoyed marketing and communicating with an audience but also knew that I wanted to do so in a manner that allowed me to connect with individuals on a topic I can truly help with and share my journey with.

That’s when my two websites were born.

It’s a pleasure teaching new chinchilla owners how to go about the process and what to expect.

Not many others are doing so and having the proper guidance and information at your fingertips makes the process so much more relaxed and enjoyable.

At least that’s how it’s been for me and I, like you, turned to internet resources to find a lot of information in the beginning.

The problem was, not much information was readily available for me and a lot of questions were left unanswered.

This was a problem and a void I wanted to fill for all of you.

In addition to my marketing experience and owning these two pet-related websites, I enjoy fishing and camping more than just about anything.

I spend most of my free time doing so with my family shown above.

I graduated from ISU with a bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and spent the first 8 years of my adult life working as a Correctional Officer In Bloomington Illinois.

I know, quite the jump in careers, right?

Well, anyway, That’s Me!

Thanks for being a reader and visitor of Planet Chinchilla and I hope you have found the information and resources on this website useful.