Hey Everyone.

My name is Josh Martin.

I’m the owner and creator of Planet Chinchilla.

I created this site specifically due to my journey with my female Chinchilla named “Chili”

Here’s a quick video introducing myself and how Planet Chinchilla was born for you in addition to some images of myself and my chinchilla below.


Planet Chinchilla Josh Martin

That’s My Chinchilla Chili Posing For The Camera

It’s been a journey and I have faced some challenges, in the beginning, to say the least.

I figured that If I had the thousands of questions that came to mind during the adoption, after the adoption and about every day since others must need and desire the information as well.

This is why Planet Chinchilla was born.

This website is designed to be nothing more than a community of individuals learning and diving deeper into their relationships with their chinchillas and families.

Of course, we do our best to answer all the common and problematic questions that you may encounter along your journey owning a Chinchilla.

All posts on this website are 100% created by myself and discuss my true experiences of owning a chinchilla.

I don’t have a fancy team of writers and the information on this site is simply to help other chinchilla owners create lasting bonds, recommend the best products and answer the most common questions that may arise owning a chinchilla.

That’s it.

Nothing fancy here.


Another nice shot of my chinchilla hanging out during playtime.
Josh and family of Planet Chinchilla
Me, My wife and my 2-Year-Old Son

If we haven’t thanked you for being loyal readers yet, we would like to do so now.

Don’t hesitate if you ever have any questions and need to contact us.

It can be for anything related to this web site’s content or even just general questions about struggles you may be having raising your own Chinchilla.

Thanks Again and we greatly appreciate you all.

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