Careers With Planet Chinchilla


Planet Chinchilla is currently not looking to hire any writers at this time.

However, to do so in the future, it’s imperative that you are also a chinchilla owner.

We will not allow anyone to post or write for this website who DOES NOT own a chinchilla or have a background owning or breeding chinchillas.

Period, no exceptions!

Planet Chinchilla content and advice has been solely produced by Josh Martin (Founder of Planet Chinchilla)

It’s a requirement to uphold the integrity of this website by only providing factual, real and reliable advice and data.

This is only possible by owning a chinchilla.

Other pet websites may not own the pets they write about but this is where Planet Chinchilla is different.

You can trust the information, sources, and advice laid out here as it’s been provided by only someone who genuinely owns a chinchilla and genuinely wants to help others have an easier process and journey.

Future openings may come available and posted in this section of this website.

Feel free to email

We will keep your inquiry on file and reach out if circumstances change in the future.

Thanks for stopping by.