Best Chinchilla Toys [13 Toys Your Chinchilla Will Love]


Adopting a chinchilla is an excellent experience filled with excitement.

Don’t be mistaken.

Adopting a chinchilla still comes with questions and concerns about how to accommodate and provide the best care possible for our new member of the family.

A common question I see arise is simple.

What kind of toys do chinchillas like?

After going through the process with my own chinchilla, trying and testing several different chinchilla toys, and finding out what my chinchilla truly enjoys playing with, here’s what I can tell you on this topic.

So, what kind of toys do chinchillas like to play with? Chinchillas enjoy toys that can provide mental and physical stimulation in addition to toys that can safely be chewed. Toys for chinchillas that promote chewing allow chinchillas a safe and natural way to file their teeth.

These factors stated above can come in many variations.

With that being said, I wanted to take the time today to not only discuss the 13 best chinchilla toys but also break down other tips you can implement when purchasing toys and accessories for your chinchilla.

In case you are in a rush and need to get right down to business, I have provided easy to navigate links directly below that will allow you to skip to any specific chinchilla toy or other section of this post that you desire to learn more about.

Here’s what I intend on delivering and discussing in today’s post:

As stated previously, feel free to skip to any specific section of this post that you need to learn more about.

If you don’t feel like listening to any of my thoughts or advice today, I’ve also created an easy table with the 13 best chinchilla toys neatly placed for you to check out quickly directly below.

Here’s that breakdown for you.

13 Best Chinchilla Toys

Best Chinchilla ToysBest For?Check Price on Amazon
Apple Orchard Chew SticksStimulation, Teeth Health and Teeth FilingLink To Amazon
Kaytee Carousel Chew ToysStimulation, Teeth Health and Teeth FilingLink To Amazon
Kaytee Chinchilla Hut HideoutSense of Safety, Mental Stimulation, Cage DecorLink to Amazon
Kaytee Chinchilla Lava LedgeStimulation, Teeth Health and Teeth FilingLink to Amazon
Kaytee Silent Spinner WheelPhysical Stimulation, Exercise Link To Amazon
Kaytee Perfect Chews For ChinchillasStimulation, Teeth Health and Teeth FilingLink to Amazon
Nut Knot Knibbler Chew ToysStimulation, Teeth Health and Teeth FilingLink to Amazon
Alfie Pet Wood PlatformsCage Decor, Encouraging Jumping and ClimbingLink to Amazon
Pawliss Teeth Grinding Lava BlocksStimulation, Teeth Health and Teeth FilingLink to Amazon
Kaytee Chinchilla Chiller Granite StoneIdeal Temperature Control, ComfortLink to Amazon
GNB Natural Wood BridgesCage Decor, Cage Interaction, Promotes Climbing and JumpingLink To Amazon
JanYoo Chinchilla Chew Toy Combo PacksStimulation, Teeth Health and Teeth FilingLink To Amazon
Pop-Up Animal Tent Chinchilla PlaypenOwner and Chinchilla Close Interaction and Bonding, Chinchilla Safe Play AreaLink To Amazon

The table above shows you the items I order for my chinchilla with the most frequency.

While your chinchilla may have different tastes and favorite toys, for the most part, the toys above your chinchilla should make about 99.9 percent of the chinchilla world happy on a cheap budget.

If, however, you have about 3-minutes to spare, I recommend you reading my full post to get a full understanding of what kind of toys chinchillas like and how to utilize and implement these chinchilla toys to your advantage.

Here’s what you need to know.

Understanding the Best Chinchilla Toys to Consider

If you referenced my table above, you saw what I believe to be 13 of the best chinchilla toys.

Some of those chinchilla toys are more necessary than others.

You also likely noticed that most of the chinchilla toys discussed are all promoting healthy mental and physical stimulation as well as the ability to keep their teeth filed and healthy.

The rest of this post is designed to give you the remaining tips you need to implement to ensure that your chinchilla is getting what they need when they need it.

Let’s start with ensuring that you don’t use these recommended chinchilla toys to substitute for human interaction and playtime.

Toys Don’t Substitute for Human Interaction

If you read any of my other blog posts, you know that I’m a big advocate for ensuring that you allow your chinchilla time out of the cage as much as possible.

Ideally, you will do this daily.

This is part of the reason I recommend purchasing the Pop-Up animal play tent above.

This solves the issue of chinchilla owners claiming that they don’t have a safe chinchilla area or an area where your chinchilla is exposed to chewing wires or cords.

This allows you to grow a closer bond with your chinchilla over the course of time, and is due to being within a small space interacting, holding and petting your new chinchilla.

The point here is simple.

Don’t overextend and oversupply on toys and then forget that your chinchilla is still an affectionate pet that craves interactions with their owners.

Chinchillas are friendly and social creatures, and nothing can take the place of quality time out of the cage and bonding with you.


Structuring Your Chinchilla Cage Properly

Anyone who is beginning the journey of adopting a chinchilla must realize how much of a priority the chinchilla cage itself is.

It’s the essential item you purchase from the very beginning.

The cage needs to be large enough.

It also needs to support all the natural behaviors your chinchilla will want to display.

This includes a great deal of jumping and climbing.

On my list of recommended toys, you will notice that I included other recommendations such as the wooden ledges as well as lava blocks that connect to the cage and of course, the wooden bridges.

Make your chinchilla cage the most fun, playful, and comfortable home as possible for your chinchilla.

They live in this cage for the most part 23 hours a day for 15-20 years.

How would you feel with a small boring cage with no toys or activities?

Not good I’m assuming.

It’s one of the reasons you must spend the money on a cage that supports this and if you are on a budget, the cage absolutely comes first and remains priority #1.

In my post that discusses the best chinchilla cages, you will notice my number 1 recommendation is the Critter Nation 2 Dual Level Cage.

If you haven’t done so already, you can read my review for that cage here.

You can also check out the Critter Nation 2 Cage for yourself here (Link To Amazon)

I think it’s large enough and allows you to put all these essential chinchilla toys throughout the cage without giving up comfort or space.

It’s the cage I’ve been using for over 1 year now and have no regrets purchasing and no reservations recommending it to all of you reading.

Other Tips and Tricks to Consider

Outside of these essential items to keep in mind, I have a few additional helpful tips for you to put into practice for you and your new chinchilla.

First, consider other options as well, such as toilet paper rolls.

With your supervision, a chinchilla will have a blast chewing and playing with cardboard.

I don’t necessarily recommend this outside of your supervision just in case your chinchilla decides to ingest some of the cardboard.

However, during playtime, this is a great option.

Another tip I have for you is never to forget how much joy a dust bath brings to a chinchilla.

Sure, the best chinchilla toys all over the cage are fantastic.

However, nothing beats a dust bath, and some time to come out of the cage to roll around.

Be sure to keep this practice routine and to afford this to your chinchilla a few times per week at a minimum.

Ensuring You Always Stick to Chinchilla Safe Toys

Let’s assume you hated every one of my recommendations for the top-recommended chinchilla toys above.

That’s fine with me.

However, if you decide you want to craft your own or purchase alternatives, the only advice I have is to ensure you are using chinchilla safe materials and sticking to safe chinchilla toys.

For example, you will notice how I recommended the chinchilla wheel that I did from Kaytee above.

This is because it doesn’t have openings where your chinchilla feet can slip and cause injuries.

The same goes for hamster balls.

Chinchillas shouldn’t be using hamster balls due to the potential of overheating and the lack of ventilation that hamster balls provide.

Use what you wish for your chinchilla but exercise some common sense and do your homework, and you will be in great shape.

Final Thoughts

Let’s recap briefly the initial question that landed you on my blog in the first place.

What kind of toys do chinchillas like? Chinchillas like toys that provide mental and physical stimulation that also allow for them to chew and file their teeth.

Regardless of which chinchilla toys you opt to use for your chinchilla, it may take some trial and error.

For example, my chinchilla is not the biggest fan of hammocks.

However, she absolutely loves most of the other recommendations on the list provided for you here today.

All chinchillas are different and will different likes and dislikes.

Use some trial and error until you find the best toy for your chinchilla and watch the relationship grow.

Best of luck with your new chinchilla.

Share Your Thoughts on This Topic

Chili and I love to encourage feedback and conversation on all our posts from all of our readers.

What do you believe to be the best chinchilla toys?

Does your chinchilla like to play with something not included in this list?

Be sure to share your thoughts, concerns, and stories by dropping a comment below.

As always, Chili and I Appreciate you stopping by.

We will catch you next time.


Josh Martin

My Name is Josh and this is my 4 year-old female chinchilla "Chili". We created Planet Chinchilla to share all the stories about owning a chinchilla that you need to know. I'm the Author of the eBook "The Ultimate Chinchilla Care Guide, From Adoption and On"

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  1. Why do you recommend a plastic wheel? Do you know the age when they can start using the wheel. I read someone else’s post and they said 6 months. That was the first I have seen on the topic.

    1. I would say 6 months is a great starting point. Before this point, your chinchilla is still going through several changes. As far as why I recommend plastic? I stick to solid and plastic to avoid wire construction where your chinchilla’s small feet can slip between the openings and potentially break or cause an injury. I recommend the same for the bottom of the cage. Use plastic trays when possible instead of wire bottom cages if the budget permits such as the Critter Nation 2 cage or something similar.

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