Best Chinchilla Wheels [4 Safest and Best Options]

Purchasing accessories for our new chinchillas is one of the most exciting aspects of being a new chinchilla owner. Knowing what the best chinchilla wheel is for your chinchilla makes things easier and safer for your chinchilla as well.

However, when you’re new at doing so, you likely have questions and need to use caution with certain toys and accessories for chinchillas and ensure you are only choosing the best chinchilla toys possible.

That’s what this post is designed to help you with.

I’m going to break down the best chinchilla wheels you can purchase for your chinchilla that are safe and capable of providing a new form of daily exercise and mental stimulation to your chinchilla.

Following my breakdown of the best chinchilla wheels you can purchase; I’m going to cover the essential considerations you need to keep in mind when adding a chinchilla wheel to your chinchilla’s cage.

This will not only have you purchasing the optimal wheel for your chinchilla but will also have you aware of safety precautions and general concerns to keep in mind.

Below, is a quick and easy to navigate table of the best chinchilla wheels I recommend in case you are in a hurry and don’t need any further details.

The 4 Best Chinchilla Wheels

Best Chinchilla Wheels Ranked #1- #4Quick View and DetailsCheck Current Price
Quality Cage Crafters 15 InchCheck Price on Amazon
Felix & Fido 15 Inch WheelCheck Price on Amazon
Angel Wheel 16 Inch Chinchilla WheelCheck Price on Amazon
Kaytee Comfort Wheel GiantCheck Price on Amazon

As stated previously, if you need the recommendations quickly, the table above ranked my top recommendations and what I believe to be the best chinchilla wheels you can purchase.

Below, we will begin diving into my breakdowns of each of the best chinchilla wheels and answering other frequently asked questions new chinchilla owners often have about chinchilla wheels.


Here’s what I intend on breaking down for you in today’s brief 3-minute post:

Here is what you need to know about finding the best chinchilla wheel possible.

4 Best Chinchilla Wheels

1.) Quality Cage Crafters Chinchilla Wheel

This chinchilla wheel runs away with a first-place by a long shot in my book.

It’s hard to even sum up all the perks and benefits of this specific wheel in a timely fashion, but let’s give it a whirl.

First, it’s offered in 6 different colors, which makes customization and placement into your chinchilla’s cage easy.

You can choose between the following colors:

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Light Blue
  • Metal Light Gray
  • Dark Gray


👍Heavy Duty Construction (Will Not Need to Be Replaced)

👍No Plastic Construction (Eliminates Chinchilla Chewing)

👍One Year Replacement Warranty

👍100% Chinchilla Safe

👍Open Design to Prevent Overheating


👎More Expensive Than Other Chinchilla Wheels


At the end of the day, this wheel is certainly a bit more costly than your other options on this list, but in my opinion, it’s well worth the money.

It’s safe, durable, and backed by a warranty.

Not to mention, you know for sure that you shouldn’t have to replace it.

Heck, it even offers replacement bearings in case it loses some of that “spin” your chinchilla is bound to love.

A clear-cut choice for the best chinchilla wheel currently offered.

You can see this chinchilla wheel here (Link to Amazon)👈

2.) Felix and Fido Spin Safe Chinchilla Wheel

The Felix and Fido Spin Safe Wheel is a close runner up to my number 1 ranked wheel.

It’s another excellent option to consider.

It looks very similar to the Quality Cage Crafters wheel, but it’s not offered in all the different colors.

It’s still the same large 15 inches and is a durable and long-lasting option to consider.


👍No Plastic

👍Strong and Durable Design

👍No Exposed Edges

👍1 Year Warranty


👎Slightly Pricey

👎May Be too Large for Some Chinchilla Cage (See Proper Chinchilla Cage Sizing Requirements Here)


Overall, compared to the previously mentioned chinchilla wheel, it’s nearly identical outside of color options.

It offers nearly the same construction and peace of mind warranty.

However, due to not having the replacement bearings readily accessible and no additional color options, it only comes in 2nd place on my rankings list.

You can see this chinchilla wheel here (Link to Amazon)👈

3.) Angel Wheel Metal Chinchilla Wheel

This chinchilla wheel is my #3 ranking option.

It’s still relatively appealing and safe for your chinchilla.

Once again, this wheel does not present the customizations available with the Quality Cage Crafters wheel, but for the price difference, it’s a must consider option.


👍All Metal Construction Eliminating Chinchilla Chewing

👍16 Inches (Biggest Option on My List)

👍Quiet Spin with Sealed Bearings

👍Included Bonus Items Such as Dried Flowers and Meadow Hay

👍Textured Surface (Allows for Better Grip While Running)


👎No Color Customizations Available

👎No 1 Year Guarantee

👎Large Wheel May Not Fit All Cages


Overall, this wheel is saving you about 30-50% compared to my number 1 and number 2 ranked wheels on my top recommended list.

Considering, color customizations are about the only significant loss, I certainly believe it belongs on this list and should be considered for anyone looking for a safe and budget-friendly option.

You can see this chinchilla wheel here (Link to Amazon)👈

4.) Kaytee Comfort Chinchilla Wheel

The Kaytee comfort wheel is another great and safe option.

You do, however, need to be careful when ordering this wheel because it is offered in two different sizes.

  • 8.5 Inch
  • 10 Inch

Go with the larger wheel when possible.

I also like that this wheel has different colors to choose from, ranging from blue, red, and pink.


👍More Affordable

👍Solid Construction (Good for Chinchillas Feet)

👍Sturdy Stand to Rest On


👎Not as Robust as Options 1-3

👎Not as Long Lasting

👎Plastic Opens the Door to Chewing


Overall, my biggest complaint about this chinchilla wheel is that it’s 5 inches smaller than your other options.

It’s also plastic, which is just begging to be chewed by your chinchilla.

However, for the price cut and the fact that it’s a sturdy and reliable option, I still believed it deserved a spot on this list.

Not to mention, I have always liked and trusted Kaytee products.

You can see this chinchilla wheel here (Link to Amazon)👈

Important Considerations When Purchasing Chinchilla Wheels

Now we move into the essential details.

The meat and potatoes of the post.

It’s important you understand why they recommend chinchilla wheels above made a list.

Several considerations are essential to keep in mind.

Here’s a look at a few of them.

Material Matters When Purchasing A Chinchilla Wheel

The material you use for anything related to a chinchilla is always critical.

Mostly because chinchillas are about as chew happy as a new puppy x 10.

They will chew about anything they can reach or access.

This is clearly a concern.

First, it’s a concern for your chinchilla’s health.

You don’t want your chinchilla potentially chewing something harmful or anything that can potentially cause a blockage in their sensitive and small digestive tract or stomachs.

Next, who wants to buy something that’s ultimately going to be chewed and ruined.

I know I don’t, and I’m assuming you don’t either.

That’s why the plastic chinchilla’s wheel ranked #3 and #4 and why I firmly believe my top 2 recommendations are worth the extra money.

Not to mention, the top recommendations are going to be more durable.

Don’t get me wrong, either.

A plastic chinchilla wheel won’t be chewed to pieces the first day you place it inside of the cage, and that’s why the last recommendations still made the cut.

I just happen to think it’s worth spending a few extra bucks for something that will last a lifetime as opposed to dealing with a chinchilla, causing any damage to the wheel over the course of time.

That’s my 2 cents on the subject, at least.

Plain and simple.

Chinchilla Wheel Sizing is Critical

Next comes the sizing.

I personally like the chinchilla wheels that are at least 15 inches or bigger.

I think they provide more space and more of a chance for your chinchilla to enjoy using the wheel.

While the smaller 12-inch wheels will still work just fine, if you can spring the few extra dollars, I’d go with the larger option.

Especially if you have space inside of your chinchilla cage for it.

How Big Should A Chinchilla Wheel Be?

A chinchilla wheel should be at least 10 inches.

12- and 15-inch chinchillas’ wheels will be best for your chinchilla if your chinchilla cage permits this size of a wheel.

Surface Can Make A Difference With Chinchilla Wheels

The surface is also a big topic of concern.

You want to make sure your chinchilla is comfortable when they are using the wheel.

Never use a wheel with open bars.

This is even one of the reasons I advise against using wire bottom cages.

Chinchillas have tiny feet, and open bars could cause a chinchilla’s foot or toes to slip between bars causing your chinchilla to get stuck or breaking a bone.

Stick with flat surfaces or flat surfaces with texture.

This will be the most comfortable and the best option overall when choosing a chinchilla wheel.

Do Chinchillas Like Wheels?

This is obviously one of the questions of the day.

Do chinchillas like wheels?

It depends on chinchillas. Some chinchillas will enjoy using a chinchilla wheel, and others may use a wheel with less frequency. Not all chinchillas react to wheels in the same manner.

Are Wheels Safe for Chinchillas?

Yes, wheels are safe for chinchillas assuming that they don’t have open bar construction where a chinchilla’s feet can slip between the bars.

Also, never allow your chinchilla to use an enclosed wheel.

This can cause overheating.

It’s imperative that chinchillas remain at proper temperatures to stay safe due to their dense fur coats.

How Do I Get My Chinchilla to Use A Wheel?

Shockingly, some chinchillas don’t realize right away that a wheel will move and bring them hours of fun.

Once they realize that the wheel moves, they will be ready to use it in most circumstances.

The first thing you can try is placing some chinchilla dust onto the wheel.

This will get your chinchilla investigating, and once they place weight onto the wheel and realizes it spins, they will begin to figure out they have a fun new toy to play with.

If you can’t get the dust to work, you can also try using a treat to get your chinchilla to realize that the wheel moves.

Wait for your chinchilla to move in that general direction and use the opposite hand to begin slowly, making the wheel spin once your chinchilla is in place.

One way or another, I feel confident that you can get your chinchilla using the wheel quickly.

Chinchillas are smart animals.

They adapt to their environment quickly, and a wheel shouldn’t present much of a challenge for either of you.

Just be sure to keep an eye on things at first to make sure everything looks safe and that everything is functioning correctly.

One Of The Best Chinchilla Wheels Make For A Great Addition To Your Chinchillas Cage

At the end of the day, deciding to purchase one of the best chinchilla wheels is an excellent upgrade to any chinchilla cage.

Not to mention, it can provide mental and physical stimulation for your chinchilla.

Ensure you go with a reputable and recommended brand and be sure everything seems safe.

I’m sure they will love the wheel just as much as my chinchilla did.

I wish you the best of luck with your new chinchilla and a new chinchilla wheel.

Which Chinchilla Wheel Do You Believe Is Best?

As always, I enjoy it when the readers decide to chime in on my blog post.

What do you believe is the best chinchilla wheel?

Do you have any recommendations or considerations not mentioned on this list?

Let me know by dropping a comment below. 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by, and thanks for reading.

Chili and I appreciate it and will see you next time:)


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