What Is the Best Dust for Chinchillas? [3 Best Options]

Chinchillas are unique animals and pets to own and also have unique hygiene needs. If you are a new chinchilla owner and curious what the best chinchilla dust is for your chinchilla, you are not alone and we have all been in that situation.

Chinchillas only have one primary way to keep their fur beautiful and clean, which requires dust baths with special formulated dust designed for chinchillas.

What is the best dust for chinchillas?

I have now been raising a chinchilla for the past 5 years and here is what I can tell you on this topic.

So, what is the best dust for chinchillas? Chinchillas must use dust explicitly designed for chinchillas. Blue chinchilla dust is the most common and best dust to use for a chinchilla. Chinchillas can’t take traditional baths that require the use of water due to having such dense fur.

Okay, now that we know that blue dust is the best dust for chinchillas, I’m sure you are wondering what other options you have.

No worries; that’s exactly what this brief 2-minute post is designed to breakdown for you.

I’ve created an easy table directly below that points out and gives a brief overview of the best chinchilla dust options you have.

Below my table, I’ve created easy to navigate links that will allow you to skip to other sections of this post that will help answer other frequently asked questions and concerns you may have.

3 Best Chinchilla Dust Options

Best Chinchilla DustQuick ViewCheck Price and More Details
Ranked #1- Blue Beauty Chinchilla DustCheck Price on Amazon
Ranked #2- Kaytee Chinchilla DustCheck Price on Amazon
Ranked #3- Poof Chinchilla DustCheck Price on Amazon

The table above will allow you to navigate to Amazon for more specifics on the product if you are in a hurry.

However, if you have time to spare, I also have a quick break down of my three best-recommended chinchilla dust options as well as answers to other frequently asked questions.

Here is what I plan to cover for you today:

3 Best Chinchilla Dust Options

Ranked #1 Dust For Chinchillas- Lixit Blue Beauty Dust

Lixit Blue Beauty Dust is what I currently use, and it’s also likely that it’s the most commonly used dust for most chinchilla owners.

It’s designed explicitly for chinchillas and comes offered in either 3 pound or 6-pound jugs.

Due to needing to give chinchillas a dust bath several times a week, I’m a believer in just purchasing the 6-pound jugs, but that’s 100% your decision.

It’s 100% natural dust and a trusted brand overall.

It’s overall, my #1 recommended pick.

Here’s the Link to Amazon

Ranked #2 Dust For Chinchillas- Kaytee Chinchilla Dust

I personally like anything that Kaytee offers for the most part for my chinchilla and recommend Kaytee products regularly.

This is going to be nearly the exact same as the Blue Beauty referenced previously.

However, this chinchilla dust only is offered in one 2.5lb container, which is why it didn’t rank it any higher.

If you opt to go with this option, I’d recommend ordering 3-4 of them to last you for quite a while before needing any additional dust for your chinchilla.

Nonetheless, it’s certainly a top candidate for the best chinchilla dust.

Here’s the Link To Amazon.

Ranked #3 Dust For Chinchillas- Poof Chinchilla Dust

Oxbow Poof Chinchilla is dust is starting to make a name for itself in recent months.

When I first adopted my chinchilla, I honestly don’t even remember this being an option.

Regardless, due to this blog, I always want to provide the readers and followers the best information possible.

I have tried it and it is a great option for your chinchilla dust.

It’s also only offered in one size, or it may have been ranked higher, but overall, it’s a reasonable price and uses 100% blue cloud dust, which is the number 1 recommendation for chinchillas.

Here’s the link to Amazon

Don’t Forget About the Chinchilla Dust Bath House

Unless you want to use a kitchen bowl or some other home remedy, you are also going to need a chinchilla dust house for your chinchilla.

I’ve tried using a bowl, and surprisingly, it works decently, but the problem is that it causes a mess.

I highly recommend ensuring you have a proper chinchilla dust bath house to place the dust inside.

The enclosed houses trap a lot of dust and debris, making your cleanup that much easier.

I have a post on the best chinchilla dust bathhouses that you can see here.

I currently use this chinchilla dust bathhouse (Link to Amazon)

It’s cheap and probably not the most glamorous option you have, but it gets the job done for me, and I’m okay with that.

You can also refer to my post here about how to give a chinchilla a dustbath correctly.

Can You Reuse Chinchilla Dust?

Can I reuse chinchilla dust? Yes, you can reuse chinchilla dust. Make sure it’s still quality dust, and those poop droppings are strained from the dust.

It’s recommended to only reuse chinchilla dust 2-3x before replacing it entirely.

It’s as simple as that.

It can be reused, and I do the same.

No point in burning through additional dust if you don’t need too.

Can Chinchilla Dust Be Left in The Cage?

Can chinchilla dust be left in the cage?

Yes, chinchilla dust can be left in the cage but not without supervision.

Chinchillas will overuse chinchilla dust left in the cage, causing their fur and skin to dry out.

It may also cause dust to get inside of their food bowls and cause their cage to dirty up much faster than usual.

Overall, you can leave chinchilla dust in the cage if necessary but I do not necessarily recommend it.

Other Tips To Implement When Considering Chinchilla Dust and Providing Dust Baths

The only other big critical tip I have for you when it comes to purchasing the correct dust is to ensure you utilize it.

5 years into owning my chinchilla and her dust bath is still her favorite thing to do.

Not to mention, it helps keep your chinchilla clean and healthy.

Outside of my recommendations above and that essential tip, just ensure you have some fun with it.

It’s fun to watch and surely worthy of a quick video to send your family and friends.

Also, always remember that a chinchilla is inside of their cage a good majority of the time.

Some time out to roll in the dust is about all it takes for your chinchilla to build a bond and show affection towards you.

You can also learn more about to get your chinchilla in and out of the cage to make the dust bath process that much easier if need be here.

Use The Best Chinchilla Dust For Your Chinchilla For Optimal Results

At the end of the day, you have no need to consider any chinchilla dust beside my recommend best chinchilla dust options listed above.

The options above are what I would consider the big 3 when it comes to the best possible chinchilla dust.


Not many other options even exist, and these are all from the most trusted brands when it comes to chinchilla dust and accessories.

Ensure you are allowing your chinchilla a dust bath 2-3 times per week, and best of luck with your new chinchilla.

Chili and I wish you the best of luck with your new chinchilla and the journey you have ahead of you.

What Is Your Favorite Chinchilla Dust?

Have you used any chinchilla dust not discussed above?

Do you have different tips or advice you can share with the readers?

Be sure to share your stories, thoughts, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Chili and I appreciate you stopping by and reading 😊

We will see you next time. 😊


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