Best Chinchilla Food Bowls[3 Easy and Safe Choices]

When you first adopt a chinchilla, you have a handful of accessories you need to purchase to ensure your chinchilla is getting the best care possible.

Of course, you must consider things such as an excellent chinchilla cage for your new pet, but you also have smaller items that are needed that are placed inside of the cage.

Some of these accessories are simply for fun and to promote play and chewing, and some of them are imperative.

A food bowl for your chinchilla is a necessity and a must-have.

Choosing the best food bowl is not difficult or expensive.

Nonetheless, I’ve decided to make a quick post about the best food bowls you should be considering for your new chinchilla.

I will also explain where you can purchase these food bowls and give you a short breakdown of each option.

Here’s a quick table of the 3 best food bowls I recommend purchasing for your chinchilla:

Name of Chinchilla Food BowlOverviewCheck It Out Yourself
Bwowgue Stainless Steel Mountable Check Price On Amazon
Rubyhome FeederCheck Price on Amazon
Ethical Stoneware Animal DishCheck Price on Amazon

If you just needed a quick list of options, feel free to use the table above to navigate to each food bowl I recommended.

If, however, you want more information and the answers to some frequently asked questions, you can use the links I’ve created directly below to navigate to any specific section of this post.


Here is what I plan to cover in today’s post.

As state previously, feel free to use the links directly above to skip to any section of this post that you desire to learn more about.

Otherwise, stick around for a few minutes, and I’ll break down what you need to know on this topic.

Explanation and Summary of the 3 Best Food Bowls for Chinchillas

Alright, let’s quickly dive into the short details you need to know about each of the 3-food bowls I’ve recommended.

Here is a short overview:

#1- Bwogue Stainless Steel Mountable Food Bowl

I love this food bowl for chinchillas for a couple of reasons.

First and foremost, it attaches to the cage with ease, which means that debris will not get into their pellets nearly as easy.

It also prevents them from knocking over their food.

Lastly, it’s solid construction and not made of plastic, so I’m 100% confident it’s safe.

Overall, it’s my #1 recommended option for the best food bowls you can decide to purchase for a chinchilla.

Here is the link (Amazon)

#2-Rubyhome Feeder

This food bowl is fantastic for a few reasons.

I love that it’s customizable and comes offered in 5 different colors.

I also like how easy it can attach to various cages with different sidebar constructions.

It’s a simple plastic clip that turns to attach this food bowl.

This also eliminates any chances of the food bowl getting knocked over.

Overall, it’s a great option that allows for more customizations.

Here’s the link so you can check it out yourself (Link to Amazon)

#3- Ethical Stoneware Animal Dish

This comes in ranked #3 on the best chinchilla food bowl list for me.

This is the only option I recommend as a free-standing or non-attached food bowl option, and I currently own one of these and think it does a great job.

It’s the cheapest option on my list, and it’s heavy and solid enough to prevent being tipped over easily.

It’s also a solid design and doesn’t contain any plastic making it safe for your chinchilla.

Here is the link for you to look for yourself (Link to Amazon)

How Much Do Chinchilla Food Bowls Cost?

Chinchilla food bowls are one of the cheapest accessories you need to worry about purchasing for your new chinchilla.

On average, a chinchilla food bowl will range from $7.00-$15.00 depending on its material and ability to attach to the cage.

For the small amount of the budget, I personally recommend trying one of each and allowing your chinchilla to try both methods so you can find out which works better for your new pet.

If you have the correctly formulated pellets in a food bowl that attaches to the cage and a free-standing food-bowl, it’s likely that within a week or so, you will find out which one is more ideal for your new furry friend.

Hanging Food Bowls Vs. Flat Resting Bowls

If you’re newer to owning a chinchilla or adopting your first, you may be curious why you need to consider a food bowl that attaches in the first place.

The problem with flat resting bowls is chinchillas tend to find a way to knock them over or even poop inside of them, which can contaminate their food.

I have one of each of the options discussed above in my recommendations, and the hanging food bowls remain cleaner, and you don’t have to worry about the pellets being knocked over.

Overall, that’s a luxury I’m willing to pay a few extra dollars for.

However, don’t be too alarmed.

If you prefer my third recommendation on my list, I’ve also used it for several months, and it’s heavy enough to where your chinchilla won’t knock it over.

Avoid Plastic Food Bowls for Chinchillas

Another consideration that you need to keep in mind is that you need to be avoiding plastic food bowls.

Chinchillas are known to chew plastic, and plastic can be harmful if ingested.

Stick with bowls that are made of stainless steel or any other ceramic.

In all reality, if you avoid plastic, you will be just fine.

Be Sure to Keep Food Bowls Clean

This is often missed by new chinchilla owners and an important step to remember.

When you are completing your regular cage cleanings for your chinchilla, you need to ensure that you are cleaning the food bowls as well.

You can discard all the old food or pellets inside of the bowl and give the food bowl a good rinse with hot water and a quick wipe down.

This helps ensure that bacteria and other issues don’t grow or build up in your chin’s food bowl.

Be sure to do the same for the water bottle during cage cleanings as well.

Overall, it will ensure your chinchilla remains healthy and happy.

Ensure You Are Providing the Best Food Possible

The last tip of the day I have for you is to ensure you are always providing the best food possible for your chinchilla.

Your chinchilla should be eating timothy hay and pellets formulated for chinchillas.

If you are unsure about which pellets and hay would be best, I’ve put together a few posts below that will help you.

You can view my post about the best timothy hay for chinchillas here.

You can read more about the proper pellets here.

You can also view my full guide about what chinchillas can eat here.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, a food bowl is a small consideration in the grand scheme of the accessories needed when you first adopt a chinchilla.

That doesn’t make it any less important.

Chinchillas make for fantastic pets, and it’s imperative we provide the best care and items that they need.

Chili and I wish you the best of luck with your new chinchilla.

Share Your Thoughts

Which food bowls do you recommend purchasing?

Do you have any further advice for the readers that you can share?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Chili and I appreciate you stopping by and will catch you next time.





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