Best Chinchilla Litter[3 Best Litter Options For Chinchillas]

Alright, my friends, chinchilla litter may not be required but some chinchilla owners are still curious as to which chinchilla litter would be considered the best.

If you searched this, you are likely embarking on the best methods to implement to potty train a chinchilla.

First, I commend you, and it is possible to potty a train a chinchilla to urinate in a litter box.

I’ve been there, I’ve done it, and it does work.

Chinchilla poop is an entirely different story.

In this post, I intend to inform you of the 3 best options you can use for chinchilla litter.

They are safe, I’ve tried them and likely the only options you should be considering.

In case you are in a hurry, I’ve created a table that ranks and shows you those 3 best options you can use for litter.

Following my table, I’ve created easy to navigate links that you can use to skip through this post to get answers to other frequently asked questions about chinchilla litter.

For those in a hurry, here are my recommendations.

3 Best Litters For Chinchillas

Best Chinchilla Litter Options Ranked #1-#3Check Price and Details
Critter Litter Chinchilla LitterCheck Price and Details
Kaytee Potty LitterCheck Price and Details
Aspen ShavingsCheck Price and Details

Those 3 options for litter above are the best, in my opinion, and I have, in fact, potty trained my chinchilla to pee in her litter box.

If you continue reading, I’ll break down each of those 3 options for chinchilla litter in more depth.

As promised, if you are still in a rush, use the links below to get answers to those other frequently asked questions.

Here’s what I intend on breaking down in today’s post:

3 of The Best Chinchilla Litter Options

Ranked #1 Best Litter For Chinchillas- Critter Litter

Critter Litter takes home the #1 ranking in my book and is the chinchilla litter I used to effectively potty train my chinchilla.

It’s easy to use, extremely affordable, and comes offered in 16-ounce bags, 4-pound bags, or 8 pounds bags.

Go with the 8-pound bag because you will discard old litter and need quite a bit of it ready to go during the process.


What I like most about this chinchilla litter is that it effectively reduces odor but also absorbs enough urine odor for your chinchilla to realize to keep coming back to this spot to urinate.

You must find a happy medium to train your chinchilla effectively.

In the intro of this post, I placed a link to my other blog post that discussed how to potty train a chinchilla that will effectively break this down for you in more detail.

Critter Litter is great as absorbing the urine after initial contact and absorbs way more than you may believe.

It’s fantastic overall for the price you pay.

Overall, if you plan to use any litter for your chinchilla, this is the clear #1 choice in my book.

Ranked #2-Best Litter For Chinchillas- Kaytee Potty Litter

This is a close runner up to the Critter Litter option discussed previously and still makes for one of the best litter options for chinchillas.

I did use this for a brief period but ultimately ended up making the switch to the Critter Litter we mentioned directly above.

This litter basically offers everything the Critter Litter provides, but I do not like that it’s only offered in 16 oz. bags.

It means you will be re-ordering more frequently, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

It’s also stocked less regularly, so you don’t always get to take advantage of lightning quick shipping.

Not to mention, it’s a few dollars more than the Critter Litter, which was another apparent reason why I made the switch.

Ranked #3- Best Litter For Chinchillas -Chinchilla Aspen Shavings

This is the most basic way to potty train a chinchilla and still considered an effective litter for your chinchilla.

It works fine and will get the job done.

While it is not one of the best litters for a chinchilla, it is still used by many going through this process.

My problem with aspen shavings is that they tend to carry an odor much more noticeable than the Critter Litter and other options I’ve mentioned.

Overall, if you are more of a basic shavings type of a chinchilla owner, this would be your clear winner, but if you have an open mind or haven’t tried any of the options yet, I’d definitely stick with option 1 or 2 before moving back to aspen shavings.

Now that we have broken down the 3 best chinchilla litter options, I want to briefly answer a few of the other questions I see arise with frequency.

Here are the details on that.

What Can I Use for Chinchilla Litter?

The first thing that’s important to mention when answer this question is that there is a significant difference between chinchilla litter and chinchilla bedding.

For the sake of this post, we are only breaking down the best chinchilla litter options for individuals who want all the urine in the cage contained in one area of the cage.

If you need to understand the differences better, you see my post about the best chinchilla bedding here.

Individuals often like to try and use items such as newspaper, and even things like cat litter.

This shouldn’t be your plan.

So, what can you use for chinchilla litter?

You can use critter litter, aspen shavings, or other safe chinchilla shavings for your litter.

For bedding, refer to my previously mentioned post to get yourself educated and caught up on what’s best.

Is Cat Litter Safe for Chinchillas?

No, chinchillas can’t use cat litter.

Chinchillas need litter specified for rodents.

Chinchillas will ingest cat litter causing health concerns.

For chinchilla litter options, stick to the choices I’ve laid out for you in this article to stay safe and for the chinchilla litter to be effective.

Is Kaytee Clean and Cozy Bedding Safe for Chinchillas?

Yes, Kaytee clean and cozy bedding is safe for chinchillas.

Although Kaytee clean and cozy is safe, I typically recommend using fleece liners as your chinchilla bedding, which can be crafted for any chinchilla cages that utilizes pull out trays.

I currently use the Critter Nation 2 Dual Level Cage and believe it’s the best chinchilla cages presently offered to consumers.

You can read my full review of the Critter Nation Cage here.

Is Critter Litter Safe for Chinchillas?

Yes, critter litter is safe for chinchillas, and it’s one of the best litter options for chinchillas. It absorbs the urine and odor significantly and is currently the number 1 recommended option you use for chinchilla litter.

Do Chinchillas Pee Everywhere?

Yes, without potty training, a chinchilla will frequently pee in different areas of the cage.

This is one of the reasons I recommend potty training a chinchilla to pee in one spot in the cage and utilizing the fleece liners for your chinchilla bedding like discussed previously in this post.

The most important tip I can leave you with when embarking on using chinchilla litter is to remain patient.

You can’t train a chinchilla to urinate in one spot in the cage overnight.

It takes time, but it does work.

Outside of that, give it a shot and enjoy how easy it makes your life during regular cage cleanings once you effectively have your chinchilla trained.

Also, keep in mind that if you do elect to purchase chinchilla litter, you will also need a litter box/litter pan for your chinchilla.

You can read my post about chinchilla litter boxes here.

Chinchilla Litter Is Not Required But It Can Be A Time Saver

The 3 best chinchilla litters I broke down for you today, I can assure you will get the job done and are 100% safe for your chinchillas.

They eliminate odor, and they are budget-friendly.

However, always keep in mind that training a chinchilla to urinate will take at least a small amount of effort.

What Is Your Favorite Chinchilla Litter?

I encourage the readers always to provide their insight and feedback on the topics discussed in this blog.

Do you have any better recommendations for the best chinchilla litter?

Do you have any other tips you can recommend for the readers?

Be sure to share your thoughts, comments, and concerns by dropping a comment below. As always, Chili and I appreciate you stopping by and will see you next time.

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