Best Chinchilla Hammocks [5 Fantastic Options]

Chinchillas remain inside of their cage for a good majority of each day and a chinchilla hammock is a great way to provide them more comfort and fun inside of the cage.

It’s essential that we find ways to make their habitats as comfortable as possible.

That’s what today’s quick post is all about.

Making your chinchilla comfortable with a chinchilla hammock and effectively purchasing the best chinchilla hammock possible.

Listen, some chinchillas like hammocks, and some use them less than others.

However, for those of you who haven’t quite figured out if your chinchilla enjoys using a hammock or not, this post can help you immensely.

I want to take the time to break down the best chinchilla hammocks you can purchase for your chinchillas.

For the record, I’ve owned a chinchilla for several years and I personally use the #1 recommend hammock on this list.

I just wanted to point that out to make you comfortable that this is coming from someone who actually has purchased the items discussed in this post and someone who actually owns and cares for a chinchilla.

For starters, in case any of you are in a hurry, I’ve created a quick table breaking down the top 5 chinchilla hammocks for you.

Below this table, I’ve created easy to navigate links that you can use to learn more about that specific chinchilla hammock.

Top 5 Chinchilla Hammocks

Best Chinchilla HammockQuick ViewCheck Price On Amazon
Niteangel Luxury Double Bunk HammockCheck Price on Amazon
Alfie Pet Mallory HammockCheck Price on Amazon
Yu-Xiang Love Pattern Chinchilla HammockCheck Price on Amazon
Alfie Pet Triangular HammockCheck Price on Amazon
Useful Thingy HammockCheck Price on Amazon


As stated previously, if you are in a rush, the table above breaks down what I believe are the most ideal chinchilla hammocks you can purchase.

However, if you need further details and more insight on each specific chinchilla hammock, you can reference my brief summaries directly below or use the quick links directly above to skip to specific hammocks and considerations.

My Summaries of the 5 Best Chinchilla Hammocks

#1-Niteangel Luxury Double Bunkbed Hammock

Quick Overview

The Niteangel is the hammock I currently use for my chinchilla.

My chinchilla is a female, so naturally, I chose to go with the purple option.

The Niteangel is currently offered in purple, brown, and tan.

This hammock is 16 inches across the bottom, 12 inches across the top, and 12 inches deep.

I actually made a quick review and show you the Niteangel Chinchilla Hammock in this quick video I created taking you behind the scenes into my chinchilla’s cage with her favorite hammock.

You can check out that video of my chinchilla and myself here.


👍Very Large Hammock (Could Easily Support 2 Chinchillas)

👍Quality Material

👍Quality and Durable Clip Construction

👍Easy Installation into Cage

👍Soft and Comfortable for Your Chinchilla


👎Requires 4 Straps for Hanging

👎Thick Material

👎Potential for Chewing

👎Quilted Seems Can Break Down with Wear and Tear

Keep in Mind

Keep in mind the dimensions we mentioned previously about this specific hammock.

It’s slightly larger than other hammocks, which can require more space inside your chinchilla cage.

It’s one of the reasons I always recommend a large enough cage.

If you need further information about choosing the proper chinchilla cage size, you see my post here.

You can also review my top chinchilla cage recommendations here.

What Others Chinchilla Owners Think

Other chinchilla owners in forums, social communities, and even reading reviews on the hammock tend to love it.

I personally love this chinchilla hammock as well.

My chinchilla doesn’t necessarily use it daily, but she does use it often and does sleep inside of it when she’s not sleeping inside of her nesting box.


Planet Chinchilla gives this specific hammock a 4.9/5 Rating.

#2-Alfie Pet Mallory Hammock

Quick Overview

The Alfie Pet Mallory Chinchilla Hammock is another top hammock to consider for your chinchilla.

This hammock comes offered in two sizes:

Small and Medium

It’s also offered in two different colors.

It measures 9 inches long by 9 inches wide.


👍Easy Clips for Installation

👍Easy Clean (Can be hand washed or Machine Washed)

👍Wide Opening for Resting

👍Excellent Durable Fleece Lining (Read More About Fleece for Chinchillas Here)



👎Clips Are Larger Than Other Hammocks (Requires Large Cage Bar Spacing)

👎Both Sides Have Thin Meeting Seams That Could Unravel Under Stress

👎Small Size May Not Accommodate 2 Chinchillas

Keep in Mind

Always keep in mind that chinchillas like to chew.

Anytime to place a hammock-like the Alfie Pet in your chinchilla’s cage, you want to monitor to some extent to ensure your chinchilla isn’t chewing and ingesting the fabric.

Use other alternatives to stimulate your chinchillas chewing and to allow them to grind their teeth.

Lean towards chinchilla safe toys and always avoid other items such as chinchilla salt licks.


This hammock ranks #2 in my book.

I’m a massive fan of using fleece for chinchillas.

You can read my article about if fleece is safe for chinchillas here.

You can also read my articles about how beneficial fleece liners can be for your chinchilla’s bedding here.

Overall, a must-consider option.

#3-Yu-Xiang Love Pattern Hammock

Quick Overview

This hammock is suited for 1 chinchilla.

However, this option does allow for three different sizes.

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

It’s also one of the more stylish options you can choose.


👍Unique and Decorative

👍Soft Velvet for Comfort

👍Can Be Used for Play or Sleep

👍Straps Are Less Accessible for Your Chinchilla to Chew


👎Not as Study Using Only 2 Clips for Attachment to Cage

👎More Stray Material Enticing Additional Chewing

👎Could Get Hot if Your Room is Not at Ideal Temperatures

Keep in Mind

The last con I mentioned in my list is the one always to be careful of.

This specific hammock has an enclosed roof or top.

You must be careful that you don’t have a room that’s too hot for your chinchilla.

These enclosures could add to the risk of overheating.

If you haven’t read my article about how to keep your chinchilla at ideal temperatures, you can do so here.


I like this hammock option.

I think it’s stylish, and I personally like the enclosure.

It helps to keep your chinchilla from chewing the strap attachments, which is clearly positive.

Any of you who know how a chinchilla chews will know this is a huge benefit.

#4-Alfie Pet- Kasey Triangular Hammock

Quick Overview

This another one of the colorful and stylish options you must dress up your chinchilla’s cage.

You can choose between green and pink; it’s one of the larger options you can select at 15 inches long and 15 inches wide.


👍Stable Using 4 Clips to Mount to Chinchilla Cage

👍Fleece Lining

👍Easy to Clean

👍Comfortable and Breathable


👎Only suitable for 1 chinchilla

👎Not at thick of material as other options

👎Small Straps

Keep in Mind

This hammock is another hammock to be careful with due to having a relatively small enclosure area.


This would be ranked #4 in my book.

It’s a stylish and sleek hammock that provides comfort for a reasonable price.

#5-Useful Thingy Hammock

Quick Overview

This hammock is simple compared to other options.

It doesn’t have the full enclosure, and it’s a much larger sitting area.

It’s the largest of my 5 recommendations at 21 inches by 15 inches.


👍Huge Resting Area

👍Strong Support Clips

👍Soft Fleece



Not Enclosed (Some Chinchillas Prefer Enclosed Spaces, See my Post on Nesting Boxes Here)

Too Big for Some Smaller Chinchilla Cages

Not as Stylish as Others

Keep in Mind

A large chinchilla cage is going to be required for this hammock due to the size.

If you need to read my review on a perfect option, see my post about the Critter Nation 2 Chinchilla Cage her.

It’s one of the best chinchilla cages currently on the market, in my opinion.


An excellent hammock but clearly only ranked #5 on my list for a reason.

It’s not the best, but if you have a large enough cage and your chinchilla doesn’t mind being enclosed in a dark space, it’s still a great option to consider.

Why Worry About Purchasing A Chinchilla Hammock?

In all reality, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a hammock for your chinchilla.

I do, however, recommend it.

My chinchilla enjoys her hammock and uses it relatively frequently.

Some chinchillas may not be the same way, but for the price you pay for the hammock, it’s worth trying.

It gives the cage some appeal and offers your chinchilla one more thing to do and 1 more alternative to sleep comfortably.

Other Things You Need to Consider with Chinchilla Hammocks

I’m sure you could tell from reading this post that a few common concerns continue to arise with every hammock you can choose for your chinchilla.

Always ensure that you have a cool enough room where your chinchilla won’t overheat.

Also, ensure your chinchilla doesn’t go on a chewing spree with the hammock.

Outside of that, you are in good shape to try and of the 5 hammocks discussed above.

A Chinchilla Hammock Is Not Required But Is A Great Additional Accessory For Your Chinchilla

At the end of the day, chinchillas do need specific items in their cage.

A hammock isn’t necessarily a need, but it’s something I’d put at the top of your list.

Chinchilla sleeps a lot per day and giving them another easy method to sleep is never a bad thing.

Regardless of which hammock you choose above, I have a strong feeling your chinchilla will love it.

Best of luck with your new chinchilla and best of luck testing and trying all the chinchilla accessories.

What Chinchilla Hammocks Do You Believe Are The Best?

As always, I prefer my readers to share their concerns, thoughts, and stories after all my posts.

Do you have any chinchilla hammocks you would add to this list?

Do you have any other safety precautions you would recommend?

Be sure to share these concerns, thoughts, and stories by dropping a comment below.

Chili and I appreciate you stopping by.

Thanks for reading, and we will catch you next time.

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