Where Can I Buy A Chinchilla? [Options + Cost & More]

If you have been debating on a new family pet, a chinchilla may have undoubtedly become one of the options of interest.

Chinchillas make for excellent pets and are growing in popularity. One of the problems individuals often have when they have decided they are ready to adopt or purchase their chinchilla is simply how to go about the process.

More specifically, where can I buy a chinchilla?

I went through the exact same process almost 5 years ago and was not sure where I could purchase and adopt my own chinchilla.

I just knew I wanted to adopt, and I would figure it out.

To save you from going through that same hassle, I wanted to make a quick post about your options that you will have to buy and adopt a chinchilla.

You can buy or adopt a chinchilla in most areas at a local PetSmart or Petco. You can also choose to adopt a chinchilla from a local breeder near you. Lastly, you can adopt a chinchilla from a chinchilla rescue or search classified ads in your area.

All of these are viable options for you if you are looking to buy a chinchilla soon.

While none of these options are bad by any means, they do have a few pros and cons that need to be discussed in more depth.

That is what the rest of this post will break down for you.


More specifically, I have broken down this “chinchilla buying guide” in the following manner:

Feel free to use any of the links directly above to navigate to any specific section of this brief post that you desire to learn more about.

Otherwise, stick around for a minute, and I will break down everywhere and every option you will have to purchase and adopt a new chinchilla.

Where You Can Buy A Chinchilla + Best Options

When you finally reach the stage where you are ready to buy your chinchilla, you will have several options.

This is going to depend on where you live and what you have available in your area.

Chinchilla Breeders

The most preferred choice is typically using a chinchilla breeder that is within a driving distance that will not require too long of travel, placing stress on your chinchilla on the way home.

The primary reason to choose a breeder over a local PetSmart or Petco is the knowledge base they can provide you at the time of the adoption.

A chinchilla breeder is going to have a plethora of information they can relay to you, a strong knowledge of the chinchilla you are adopting, and can help answer a bunch of frequently asked questions.

When I adopted my chinchilla, I was at the breeder for hours.

Some of this time was spent interacting with the chinchilla I was adopting at the time and learning how to handle her properly, and the rest of the time was chatting about best practices.

This is a nice luxury to have if you are ready to purchase a chinchilla.

Check for a local breeder first and take advantage of what they can offer.

Ask questions such as the following:

  • Is my chinchilla bonded with any other chinchillas and a sociable chinchilla?
  • What is the current diet you have been providing?
  • Is my chinchilla used to being handled?

These are going to give you a significant advantage when you buy a chinchilla.

The next option you can use to buy and adopt a chinchilla is your local PetSmart or Petco.

Buying a Chinchilla from A Local PetSmart or Petco

Buying a chinchilla from your local PetSmart or Petco is another option you can use to buy and adopt a chinchilla.

It is a decent option to consider, but it does have a few drawbacks.

The first drawback of going in this direction is the knowledge you will get from a local pet store employee.

Chinchillas are a relatively rare and exotic pet.

Although it is said that 80,000 or more households currently own a chinchilla, many individuals still know nothing about them.

Unfortunately, this will include some of the pet store employees.

Another issue with choosing to buy a chinchilla from a pet store is the lack of ability to learn about your specific chinchilla.

  • Have they been around other chinchillas or been handled frequently in the past?
  • What kind of personality do they have?

While you can certainly ask these questions, the chances of the employee at the pet store having much information to provide you are slim to none.

Nonetheless, I do not see any issue with someone buying a chinchilla from a pet store.

Many of them will have chinchillas available, but it is likely best to call in advance to double-check.

Going this direction will likely run you about $150.00 for the chinchilla, and then you will have the cost of all your accessories.

Additionally, you will have the chinchilla cage to purchase.

Local Chinchilla Rescues and Classified Ads

Now, I want to move into a third option, which is a local rescue or classified ad.

This option is likely going to be the most difficult.

Simply because the chances of someone giving up a chinchilla for adoption at the same time you are looking to purchase a chinchilla are relatively slim.

Even if it is made to happen, you would also need to find this situation in an area near you.

However, chinchillas are offered on classified ads every so often, and chinchilla rescues certainly do offer the chance to adopt.

If you do not have a local breeder and prefer to go this route, there is nothing wrong with doing so.

The only disclaimer I would make sure you understand is that a chinchilla from a rescue or being placed in a classified ad may be more prone to prior neglect.

Simply meaning, if you decide this is the way you are going to purchase and adopt your chinchilla, you may have more work ahead of you to build a strong bond and trust with them.

Nonetheless, it is a perfectly viable option, and one of the several ways you can buy a chinchilla.

How to Buy A Chinchilla Like A Pro

Before sending you on your way, I want to point out one more thing to make the process of buying a chinchilla as easy as possible.

Preparation is key.

In all honesty, I could have done better at this myself.

Whether you are choosing to adopt from a chinchilla breeder, the pet store, or a local rescue, do some planning in advance.

Figure out which climate-controlled room you will be keeping your chinchilla in.

Learn as much as you can about chinchilla’s using helpful resources such as this website.

Purchase one of the best chinchilla cages you can afford and have all the best toys already set up inside of the cage.

The more you do before you buy your chinchilla, the easier those first few weeks will ultimately be.

Final Thoughts

You have plenty of options to buy and adopt a chinchilla.

Again, all these options are perfectly suitable but do present pros and cons.

Nonetheless, I am a chinchilla owner myself and fully advocate for you adopting a chinchilla of your own, so whichever option is available to you in your area, take it and have a blast with the journey.

Chili and I wish you the best of luck with your upcoming chinchilla purchase and adoption.

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Do you have any other advice you can share with the community making purchasing a chinchilla even easier?

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As always, Chili and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today, and we will see you again next time.

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