Best Chinchilla Bedding[Options+No Odor & Tips]

Adopting a chinchilla is exciting but one of the questions that may come up during the process is simple. What is the best bedding for a chinchilla?

I’ve owned a chinchilla for quite some time and have quite a bit of an opinion on this topic to share with you.

So, what is the best bedding for a chinchilla? The best bedding for a chinchilla is fleece liners in the proper cage or using Aspen Shavings. Fleece will be the best chinchilla bedding for additional comfort and aspen shavings is the best chinchilla bedding to use for wire bottom cages or until you can upgrade.

It’s really that simple.

Just two options get the job done.

I know many readers in today’s fast-paced world, prefer to get the information and be on their way.

With that being the case, I’ve dropped the Amazon Links directly below 👇 for the chinchilla cage fleece liners I recommend in addition to the aspen shavings you should be using.

Like I stated previously, these are the only two options you need to consider for your chinchilla bedding.

However, one of these options does require purchasing what I would consider the best chinchilla cage available (more on this later)

My full post below will discuss why I prefer these two choices for chinchilla bedding and other tips/advice to implement and follow.

In addition to the easy to navigate links to Amazon above to my recommended beddings, I’ve also created easy to navigate links directly below.

These will allow you to skip to any specific section of this post that you want or need to learn more about.

Here’s what I want to cover in this post:

Use any of the links above to get directly to that specific section of this post.

Otherwise, if you have a few minutes to spare, let’s dive into the details about how to choose the best chinchilla bedding.

Here’s what you need to know.

Best Chinchilla Bedding And Why I Prefer Fleece Liners

Before everyone thinks I’m totally against using shavings such as the aspen shavings listed above as a chinchilla bedding, I want to make one thing clear.

I’m 100% not against using shavings for the chinchilla bedding.

Shavings make for perfectly good bedding for chinchillas.

I do not believe aspen shavings are the best chinchilla bedding you can choose.

That is what this post is ultimately about.

I’m just a much bigger advocate for the fleece liners designed to line the trays of the cage instead.

First, fleece liners are incredibly easy to clean.

During playtime or when your chinchilla is out for a dust bath, simply remove the liners from the cage and wash them in your regular old washing machine with cold water.


You want to be sure to use cold water, so you avoid shrinking them.

Secondly, in between full-blown washings, a shop vacuum to vacuum all the chinchilla poop nuggets keeps the cage clean.

I like this compared to the aspen shavings for the mere fact the cage always looks, smells, and remains clean for longer durations of time.

As far as the urine/pee, you have a few options.

I went through the process of getting my chinchilla to pee in a Critter Litter Pan (Link to Amazon).

This takes time and can be frustrating in the beginning, but it does work.

You can learn more about this by reading my post about potty training your chinchilla.

If you don’t feel like going through this hassle, simply wash the fleece liners more frequently such as twice as a week.

It’s not like it takes more than 30 minutes to do so and doesn’t require anything except getting your chinchilla out for playtime as you would have anyway.

The only downfall is that these fleece liners are designed specifically for the Critter Nation Dual or Single Level Cages (Link to Amazon).

As of 2020, more and more chinchilla cages are beginning to offer the ability to cover the tray liners with fleece liners.

They must be recognizing that fleece is one of the best beddings for chinchillas as well.

Now, let’s assume you don’t feel like going through any of this hassle.

If that’s the case, we would turn to your traditional aspen shavings for your chinchilla bedding.

Here are the details on that.

Using Aspen Shavings for Chinchilla Bedding

Aspen shavings still come in as my second-best option for the best chinchilla bedding.

It’s really the only second option for chinchilla bedding in general.

You can’t have your chinchilla sitting on anything except the black tray liners or wire bottom cages.

First, this is gross.

Secondly, this could cause infections or other illnesses and third, the aspen shavings and or fleece liners help to absorb the urine from your chinchilla.

The aspen shavings don’t provide the same level of comfort as the fleece liners, but they certainly still get the job done.

Another downfall to aspen shavings is you would need to continue purchasing more shavings time and time again in addition to a lengthier cage cleaning each time.

Would you rather spend $60.00 dollars now on a permanent chinchilla bedding or continue to spend more and have more cleaning work to do?

That’s ultimately what I asked myself when I made the switch over to the fleece liners discussed previously.

However, if Aspen Shavings are the direction you want to go, I highly recommend purchasing these Aspen Shavings (Link to Amazon).

It’s the same shavings my chinchilla breeder recommended to me when I first adopted my chinchilla.

Additionally, they are affordable and readily available on Amazon.

Anyone who has used Amazon has to admit that it’s a wonderful thing to have your pet supplies at your doorstep for no additional charge within 24 hours.

At least that’s my take on the situation at least.

Pros and Cons of Using Fleece Liners or Aspen Shavings As Chinchilla Bedding

Let’s take a quick look at the overall pros and cons of using fleece liners for your chinchilla bedding as opposed to using Aspen shavings for your bedding.

Pros of Using Fleece Liners for Chinchilla Bedding

  • ✅Easy to Clean
  • ✅One Time Purchase
  • ✅More Physically Appealing Inside the Cage
  • ✅More Comfortable for Your Chinchilla
  • ✅Customizable and Less Odor Emitted

Cons of Using Fleece Liners for Chinchilla Bedding

  • 👎One Time Cost Up Front (More Than Aspen Shavings)
  • 👎Must Be Washed Weekly
  • 👎May Eventually Need To be Replaced Over Time (hasn’t happened to me yet)

Now, let’s look at the pros and cons of using aspen shavings for your chinchilla bedding.

Pros of Using Aspen Shavings

  • ✅Cheaper Up-Front Cost
  • ✅Discarded After Use
  • ✅Doesn’t Require Washing

Cons of Using Aspen Shavings for Chinchilla Bedding

  • 👎Could Cause Allergies
  • 👎More Cleanup Required
  • 👎Not as Comfortable For your Chinchilla and More Odor (typically)

Other Thoughts, Options, Tips, and Advice to Implement When Choosing Your Chinchilla Bedding

The most significant takeaway that I wanted to get across in this post is that either fleece or aspen shavings are a perfectly viable option to use for your chinchilla bedding.

I personally believe fleece is the best chinchilla bedding but if you aren’t quite ready to make the switch, aspen shavings are a great second-best chinchilla bedding to use.

Always, keep in mind that you need to keep your chinchilla cage clean regardless of which of these chinchilla bedding options you ultimately choose.

As long as your chinchilla has plenty of space, a loving home, and time to interact, they will not be too picky about which chinchilla bedding you ultimately decide to use.

Choosing The Best Chinchilla Bedding Is Easy

So, to recap briefly, what’s the best bedding for a chinchilla?

Fleece liners are by far the superior choice in my book, but aspen shavings work great as well.

If you keep your chinchilla clean and spend time bonding with your chinchilla, your chinchilla will be happy regardless.

Best of luck with your new chinchilla adoption and finding the best chinchilla bedding!

Chili and I wish you the best of luck with your new chinchilla and the journey you have ahead of you.

What do you believe to be the best chinchilla bedding?

Do you prefer using fleece liners or aspen shavings as your preferred chinchilla bedding?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Chili and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today and we will see you again next time.



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