Can Chinchillas Eat Oats? [How to Offer Them Correctly]

Chinchillas have unique digestive systems that require us as owners to be careful about which foods and treats we offer them.

This can include anything from fruits, vegetables and yes, even other items that chinchilla owners often are curious about.

One food option tends to come up much more often than others from chinchilla owners, and they are often curious if it’s a safe option to offer their new pet.

Can chinchillas eat oats?

I’ve owned a chinchilla now for more than 4 years, and here is what I can tell you on this topic.

Yes, chinchillas can eat oats. Chinchillas can have oats in moderation. When offering your chinchilla oats, ensure that you don’t provide large quantities. Oats are considered a safe food and treat option that chinchilla owners can offer their chinchillas in moderate intervals.

The answer above is the direct answer to the question, but I do want to take the time to cover this topic more in-depth before sending you on your way.

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Can Chinchillas Eat Oats?

Alright, let’s recap for a moment and make it clear.

Yes, chinchilla can have oats.

The reason I wanted to make this clear is that many other options for chinchillas that could be considered a treat or luxury food choice are typically not allowed for chinchillas.

This is simply due to chinchillas having very sensitive stomachs and digestive tracts.

Chinchillas have dozens of fruits, vegetables, and other misc. Food items that would be considered not safe to offer your chinchilla.

Oats happen to be one of the foods that are considered safe to offer a chinchilla, and I can be the first of many to tell you that chinchillas absolutely love oats.

They view them as a treat as well, and I can assure you that if you offer your chinchilla oats as a treat that they will be extremely receptive to the idea and show their love for some tasty oats from time to time.

Now, it’s also essential to understand more of the specifics on this topic to ensure you are still providing the best care possible for your chinchilla and to ensure we don’t cause any upset bellies for our new chinchillas.

What Kind of Oats Can Chinchillas Eat?

Next, let’s move into what types of oats are okay for a chinchilla to eat.

The good news is that a chinchilla can have Quaker oats or regular oats.

Neither of these oats will cause any harm to your chinchilla if you use it in moderation and still ensure that your chinchillas’ diet is primarily timothy hay and pellets.

If you need more information about ensuring you use the best hay possible for your chinchilla, you can view my post here.

How Many Oats Can A Chinchilla Have?

Like any treat with a chinchilla, it’s always best if you can use them in moderation.

It’s always best if a chinchilla sticks to an essential diet and doesn’t overdo it on other food groups such as oats, fruits, or even vegetables.

Chinchillas have sensitive digestive tracts, and ensuring we are mindful of this as owners is a critical step in ensuring that chinchilla remains happy and healthy.

Always Keep Water Bottles Filled

One of the tips I like to mention in several blog posts I write is to always ensure that your chinchilla still has plenty of water available.

Chinchillas also have difficulty at times processing and chewing foods entirely due to their large teeth.

Ensuring your chinchilla has clean, freshwater to drink when needed can help keep your chinchilla hydrated and avoid issues such as drooling or even gagging on a treat you may have provided to them.

Water always needs to be checked and topped off when owning a new chinchilla.

Plain and simple.

Moderation Is Best

My last tip to provide you is that whether or not you are offering your chinchilla oats or another form of treats, it’s always imperative to be relatively moderate and mindful of how much you are providing.

Perhaps you start with something such a pinch of a small handful and see how your chinchilla reacts to the new delicious treats.

Overall, keep it relatively small in quantity, and your chinchilla will appreciate the treat and remain happy and healthy.

Final Thought

Plenty of foods can be offered to your chinchilla, but unfortunately, plenty of foods are also not a good idea to ever offer your new chinchilla.

It’s essential that you ask a trusted resource when you aren’t 100% sure if a food item is safe or not.

Nonetheless, oats are food that chinchillas not only love but food that you can trust offering them.

Chili and I wish you the best of luck with your upcoming journey and new chinchillas.

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Thanks again, and we will see you next time.

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