Are Chinchillas Noisy at Night? [They Can Be + How to Prepare]


If you recently purchased a chinchilla or may be considering purchasing one soon, it’s completely to normal to ask if chinchilla can be noisy at night.

Clearly, we don’t want to lose sleep over adopting a new chinchilla.

I’ve owned a chinchilla for a quite some time now and here Is what I can tell you about how chinchillas behave at night and how much noise you can anticipate them making.

So, are chinchillas noisy at night? Yes, chinchillas can be noisy at night. At night is when a chinchilla is typically the most active in addition to early mornings. When a chinchilla is active, they will jump and climb throughout their cage and tend to make quite a bit of noisy depending on your cage set up.

However, you certainly have tips and tricks you can implement to curve some of the noise a chinchilla may make at night and some other helpful words of advice I’d like to leave you with.

If you don’t have much time to read on, the answer is above is the best answer to the question being asked.

If, however, you do have a few minutes to spare, I’d like to cover the topic more in-depth.

Additionally, I’d like to discuss more the specifics of a chinchilla’s behavior at night and what you can do to help you and your chinchilla.

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Are Chinchillas Noisy at Night?

Let’s get back to the original question at hand.

Are chinchillas noisy at night?

Like I mentioned previously, chinchillas can certainly be noisy at night depending on a few things.

First, it’s important to understand that your chinchilla having energy at night is 100% normal.

Chinchillas are crepuscular.

This makes it completely natural for a chinchilla to be lazy and sleepy during the day and wide awake and ready to jump all over the cage early in the morning and in the evenings.

If you take a few precautions ahead of time and make a few small adjustments, your chinchilla climbing all over the cage shouldn’t bother you by any means.

Here are the details and some additional tips to implement.

4 Tips to Implement to Avoid Noisy Night-Time Chinchillas

Tip #1- Keep Your Chinchilla in A Separate Room from Where You Sleep

The first tip I can give you to not have to be frustrated with a noisy chinchilla night is to simply not have your chinchilla in the room you sleep.

Have a separate room in your home dedicated to where you keep your chinchilla cage.

In another post I have broken down the proper sizing for chinchilla cages, I discuss the importance of having a large cage in a separate room of the home for this specific reason.

Having the cage in a room where you don’t sleep that’s not too hot and not too cold is the best plan of action.

You shouldn’t be trying to hinder your chinchillas’ natural desires to get a little crazy at night time within their cage.

Tip #2- Switch to Fleece Liners and Plastic Trays and Toss the Wire Bottom Cages

Tip 2 may seem somewhat “out of the box” to you but it works great.

It’s part of the reason I recommend the cages I do in another post that breaks down the top chinchilla cages you should consider.

Some chinchilla cages are more suitable than others.

This has to do with size and what you can do with the cage after purchasing it.

This tip requires a cage such as the Critter Nation 2 Dual Level Cage.

I love this cage because half the noise a chinchilla will make at night is simply the sound of bouncing around inside the cage.

Here is a link to the Critter Nation 2 Dual Level Cage in case you are in the market for a new cage.

However, with these cages, you can purchase chinchilla safe fleece liners to place on your plastic trays.

As you can imagine, fleece doesn’t make much noise as your chinchilla runs around playing with various items within the cage at night.

Not to mention, it’s extremely easy to clean and helps your weekly cage cleanings go much faster and smoother.

If you haven’t seen these liners for chinchilla cages, check out these fleece liners here.

They would be the perfect liners I recommend and the ones I currently use myself.

Tip #3- Allow Your Chinchilla Out for Playtime Once A Day

This is by no means is a requirement, but I would consider it the ethical approach to owning a chinchilla.

Envision owning a chinchilla like owning a dog.

Can dogs get crazy sometimes and act up or misbehave inside the home?

Sure, but what does the vet always recommend when you raise your concerns?

Walk the dog or allow them the chance to get out and burn off some energy.

The same can certainly go a long way towards allowing your chinchilla to burn off a little energy.

While it’s completely acceptable to skip this from time to time, it should be a practice you attempt to implement.

It increases your ability to build a bond with your chinchilla and allows your chinchilla to show affection towards you.

Additionally, it may help your chinchilla to be a little more laid back when inside of their own cage and habitat.

#4- Embrace That an Active Chinchilla Is Normal

The final tip I have for you is to simply understand that your chinchilla getting a bit crazy at these specific times of the day is completely normal.

It shouldn’t bother you nor steer you towards not wanting to adopt a chinchilla.

Embrace it and roll with it.

Owning a chinchilla is awesome from just about every angle imaginable.

If they want to make a bit of noise at night, it’s not a deal-breaker by any means.

Other Behaviors to Expect from Chinchillas at Night

Outside of the 3 tips discussed above, the biggest advice I can give you is to expect this behavior and roll with the punches.

I personally like to get my chinchilla out of her cage first thing in the morning.

I also keep her in the basement in my house currently which is separate from where I sleep.

Plan and make sure you pick a suitable and comfortable room to keep your chinchilla and you won’t have anything to worry about.

Final Thoughts on How Chinchillas Behave at Night

Like stated several times in this post, chinchillas can be noisy at night.

Clearly, you likely won’t notice this much if you follow the tips laid out for you in this post.

Chinchillas are not hard to take care of.

Some noise from time to time is simply part of the journey.

Don’t Forget to Share Your Thoughts on This Topic

What tips could you add to this list?

Does your chinchilla get a bit noisy at night as well?

Be sure to share your stories and drop a comment below.

As always, we appreciate you.

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