Is Fleece Safe for Chinchillas? [Yes, And It Works Fantastic]

is fleece safe for chinchillas

Purchasing a chinchilla is incredible but at the same time, it can give you some anxiety and stress about what the best practices may be and how to ethically care for them accordingly. You may be curious if fleece is safe for chinchillas.

I’m going to answer that for you in this post.

Chinchillas while somewhat fragile pets are extremely easy to care for.

However, you certainly have certain things you can do that can make your life and your chinchillas’ life that much better.

When I first got my chinchilla home, I realized I could make her home a little cozier.

I also noticed that my chinchilla cage was not nearly as physically appealing nor comfortable looking as other cages and setups I had seen on YouTube and by searching certain questions on Google.

This led me to a specific question about how to set up my chinchilla cage correctly.

Is fleece safe for chinchillas? After owning my chinchilla and being very diligent with best practices, here is what I can tell you.

So, is fleece safe for chinchillas? Yes, fleece is safe for chinchillas. Fleece can be used as cage tray liners to provide a soft surface for your chinchilla to jump and walk on. Fleece also offers your chinchilla a urine-absorbent pad that is easily washable. Fleece is safe for chinchillas if they do not consume it.

I’m sure the part of that answer above that stood out to you the most was the fact that fleece is safe for chinchillas if they do not eat it or consume it.

It’s also critical to understand that chinchillas love fleece.

This is true.

While fleece isn’t toxic, it could pose other dangers. Breathe easy, however, it’s very rare your chinchilla will attempt to eat or chew fleece.

If you stick around for just a moment, I’m going to break down practical uses for fleece within your chinchilla cage.

I will also explain the benefits as well as what to beware of using fleece as your tray liners in your chinchilla cage.

Lastly, I know the common trend online is to skip the meat of blog posts and get exactly to the spot you intended on.

With that being said, if you don’t feel like reading this entire post, here are the fleece liners I use for my chinchilla cage (Link to Amazon).

The rest of the posts will discuss why I use them and swear by them but for those of you in a hurry, you can simply use the link above to take care of business.

Let’s start diving into the details.

Using Fleece as Tray Liners Within Your Chinchilla Cage Like A Pro

When I first got my chinchilla home, I had no idea how to make the perfect cage setup for my chinchilla.

Sure, I talked to the breeder and had some ideas in mind, but I have learned a lot since day 1 when it comes to owning a chinchilla and making life easy and my chinchilla comfortable.

At first, I was sadly using a cage that had wire bottoms that are known to hurt your chinchillas’ feet as they jump and climb around.

The good news is that I quickly made a change for my chinchilla.

The first thing I did is upgraded my chinchilla cage to the Critter Nation 2 (dual-level) cage to provide her a huge area to play, jump and climb around.

I also took the time to place the necessary toys and items in her cage to afford her plenty of mental stimulation.

This is also critical to give your chin the ability to chew chinchilla safe items that will keep her from grinding her teeth or having further issues with her teeth in the future.

Next, came the fleece liners.

I must admit, this was a huge upgrade for my chinchilla cage.

First and foremost, I think everyone understands that it’s important to keep our chinchilla’s cage clean and fresh.

I’ve made a quick video showing you the fleece liners for my chinchilla’s cage.

In the video, I give you a close up of my set-up and also break down 8 fantastic reasons to implement fleece as your new chinchilla bedding.

You can see that video here.


Alright, let’s move on.

I think we understand that the wire bottoms aren’t necessarily ideal although they do work for chinchilla cages.

I ordered my fleece liners and removed the plastic trays from my chinchilla’s cage and placed the liners around them neatly and tightly such as the images you can view below.

The fleece liners you can order are specially cut and fitted to fit perfectly on each tray and stair ramp inside of the Critter Nation Cages (Link to Amazon).

The Critter Nation is the cage I highly recommend for your chinchilla in case I had not mentioned that yet.

You can read my full review of the Critter Nation Cage here.

You can also view my post about the best chinchilla cages you can opt to purchase here.

fleece liners for chinchilla cage
Fleece Liners On All Pans Inside of My Critter Nation 2 Chinchilla Cage

Fleece Is Not Only Safe for Chinchilla’s But Clean, Easy and Cheap to Maintain

Let’s cover each of these briefly.

I already mentioned how easy fleece liners are to use for your chinchilla’s cage and I meant it 100%.

They are cut perfectly and slide right over the plastic trays that are already in the Critter Nation 2 cages.

Additionally, they can be washed in cold water in a matter of an hour.

We all know or maybe you will find out very soon that chinchillas’ poop and urinate frequently.

The good news is that the chinchilla poop or pee doesn’t cause an odor if you maintain your routine with cleaning your chinchilla cage.

This doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be cleaned up frequently.

Fleece makes this incredibly easy to do.

You can use two methods to remove timothy hay, poop pellets, and other debris in your chinchilla’s cage if you are currently using fleece liners.

2 Options For Keeping Your Fleece Clean Inside Your Chinchillas Cage

Option 1 would entail using a shop vacuum which is what I currently use.

I simply allow my chinchilla out for playtime in a room where I know she is safe and can’t chew wires and shop vac her cage out for her.

For option two, you can take your broom and dustpan and sweep the debris out of the chinchilla cage.

Both are very easy and quick solutions and there really isn’t a wrong way of doing this.

If you have 1 chinchilla in the cage with fleece liners, you can wash the liners once a week to remove the urine.

If you have two chinchillas in the cage, I recommend washing the fleece liners in the chinchilla cage every 4-5 days roughly.

I also love the fact that urine doesn’t penetrate into the black trays or leave any odor.

Additionally, I love that when my chinchilla’s water bottle drips after use, it doesn’t penetrate the tray liner either.

Save Yourself Money on Chinchilla Bedding in The Long Run and Order Fleece Instead

One of the key benefits of using fleece in your chinchilla’s cage as a liner is the fact that you are going to save a lot of money in the long run.

Chinchilla bedding outside of chinchilla food is going to be the item you are required to purchase the most frequently.

Paying upfront for a few sets of liners that can be washed will put an end to purchasing chinchilla bedding.

The only time you will need to purchase chinchilla bedding would perhaps be for a travel cage or if you are actively potty training your chinchilla to urinate inside of a litter tray like the image below.

potty training litter pan for my chinchilla
Litter Pan For Potty Training My Chinchilla.
Status: In Progress

The fact that I know it’s better on your chinchillas’ small bones in their feet, it’s more comfortable, easier to clean and saves me money made the decision to purchase fleece liners for my chinchilla cage a no brainer at the end of the day.

top pan trays with fleece liner
Top Of My Critter Nation 2 cage lined with Fleece for My Chinchilla!

Always Wash Fleece Liners in Cold Water, Use- Non-Scented Detergent and Air-Dry Fleece Liners

One recommendation that I do have for any of you considering using fleece as your tray liner within your chinchilla cage is to always wash the fleece in cold water with non-scented detergent.

The non-scented detergent isn’t an absolute must, but your chinchilla will likely appreciate it.

Washing your fleece liners in cold water and air drying the fleece is going to allow for your fleece to not shrink when being washed.

Too much shrinking and you may have difficulty placing the fleece liner back around the tray after a good cleaning and wash.

Although Safe, Always Double Check That You Don’t Have a Chewer That Enjoys Fleece

Although I am willing to say with no hesitation at all that fleece liners are safe for your chinchilla, it never hurts to keep tabs on your chinchilla.

See how they respond to the change in the cage structure and material.

Chinchillas love to chew, and you may have a chinchilla that chews more odd items than other chins.

Double-check that your chinchilla isn’t chewing through or eating any of the liners from time to time but trust me when I tell you this, it would be rare that your chinchilla would begin chewing the fleece.

I have had zero problems with this issue and haven’t read of others having issues either.

Regardless, it’s always better safe than sorry.

Keep It Clean and Keep It Simple for Your Chinchilla Cage

Keep your chinchilla’s cage clean.

Sweep out the poop, remove the pee and give it a wash to remove any possible dust build up on your chinchilla’s body that has accumulated from the dust baths.

Keeping your chinchilla’s cage clean is just as important as ensuring that your chinchillas remain in a cool area to avoid overheating.

It’s part of being an ethical pet owner and something you should be building into your weekly or even daily routines to keep your chinchilla happy, safe and comfortable in his or her new home.

Also, don’t fret too much over this last statement.

Chinchillas are incredible pets.

Cleaning their cage doesn’t take long at all if you keep up on it and do it at scheduled intervals.

Trust me, I have a busy life but find plenty of time to ensure my chins’ cage is always as clean as possible.

Putting It All Together, If You Haven’t Considered Fleece Liners for Your Chinchilla, You Should

After reading this post, my hopes are that you consider either making fleece your initial cage set up or consider changing to fleece liners and a large enough cage for your chinchilla in the future.

It’s better on their small feet, more comfortable for them to sleep on and ultimately saves you more money in the long run.

Not to mention the fact that it’s incredibly easy to clean.

Your chinchilla will love you for it and it’s something every chinchilla owner should consider at one point or another in my opinion but ultimately that decision is completely up to you.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out our related questions that are below.

I like to ensure none of my readers leave without all the possible answers they may have been searching for.

Lastly, I’d love to hear your stories about using fleece for your chinchilla’s cage.

Do you believe it to be a significant upgrade and what’re your thoughts for keeping it clean and fresh for your chinchilla?

Be sure to share your stories and comments below.

As always, thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you.

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Is Fleece a Good Bedding for Chinchillas?

Yes, fleece makes for an excellent cage liner and bedding for chinchillas. It’s safe and easy to use. Additionally, the fleece used as bedding in your chinchilla’s cage causes fewer injuries to your chinchillas’ foot and provides more comfort.

Do Chinchillas Need Bedding in Their Cage?

Yes, chinchillas always need some form of bedding in their cages. It needs to be safe chinchilla bedding which can either be fleece liners or aspen shavings that are not toxic to chinchillas. Chinchillas need something to absorb urine in their cages.

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