Black Chinchillas[Facts, Pricing, Options and How to Find]

One of the first things individuals considering purchasing a chinchilla needs to consider is the color and mutation of the chinchilla they prefer, which certainly includes black chinchillas.

It is a great color, and they make for beautiful pets.

Chinchillas are offered in several colors and mutation varieties, and a black chinchilla is undoubtedly a unique look to these furry rodents.

In the rest of this brief 2-minute post, I want to break down some information on black chinchillas for you which will include understanding what they look like, what a black chinchilla would cost to adopt and even where you can potentially adopt a black chinchilla if that’s the color of your choice.

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Overview of Black Chinchilla’s

While I personally do not own a black chinchilla, I will be the first to tell you that I think that they are one of the most unique and beautiful options you can choose to adopt.

I currently have been raising and parenting a 5-year-old standard grey chinchilla, and when I first adopted my chinchilla, no black chinchillas were available from this breeder.

If black chinchillas had been available, I would have likely had a much harder time choosing between my standard grey chinchilla and a black chinchilla.

They are just too cute, and it is such a good color for this rodent.

Black chinchillas are typically all dark colored fur with white underbellies (more on this shortly).

Shockingly, Black Chinchilla’s can even be broken down further into color classifications or mutations such as the following:

  • Black Velvets
  • Hetero Ebony
  • Extra Dark Ebony’s
  • TOV’s (Touch of Violet)

Even a few more names can be thrown around when referencing black chinchilla is as well, such as Gunning Blacks.

For now, let’s start by breaking down those various options, and colors of the black chinchilla’s so that you have an idea as to which black chinchilla you may want to adopt.

Here are those details.

Other Black Chinchilla Options

As mentioned about 2 seconds ago, a black chinchilla is a relatively blanketed name for a dark-colored or black colored chinchilla, and the classification of the mutation breaks down 1 step further.

Depending on the chinchilla breeder you choose to adopt from, they may even use some other terminology or nicknames referencing the mutation or black chinchilla’s they have available.

However, the names and mutations of black chinchilla’s directly below are universal and can often be found in most areas for adoption.

Hetero Ebony Chinchillas

A hetero ebony chinchilla is still going to appear as a black chinchilla.

Primarily dark black fur but still slightly different than other variations of black chinchillas.

A hetero ebony chinchilla is a combination of black hair and includes some gray.

With hetero ebony chinchillas, it is typically for them to have a black veiling and a light grey stomach area.

The color of the hetero black chinchilla will almost appear as a dark blue/black and will have no red cast on the fur.

Black Velvet Chinchillas

The black velvet chinchilla is perhaps my favorite mutation of the black chinchilla.

Once again, the black velvet chinchilla will have a black veiling and lighter fur on their sides and stomachs.

Black velvet chinchillas are also going to have black stripes on their paws, and their fur overall will have a velvet appearance to it.

This is the black chinchilla that is often referred to as the “black chinchilla” or the “gunning black chinchilla”.

If a black velvet chinchilla has any other combination or mutation is when they refer to as the black velvet chinchilla as a TOV or (touch of velvet chinchilla).

To me, outside of perhaps the extra dark ebony chinchilla, this is the deepest black color of a chinchilla you could choose to adopt and one of the most unique and beautiful options you can choose although I am a firm believer that all chinchillas are beautiful and unique regardless of their color or mutation.

Extra Dark Ebony Chinchillas

Finally, you have the extra dark ebony, which is another excellent color and mutation for a chinchilla.

Some breeders or other online sources will call the dark ebony chinchilla a “homo ebony.”

This extra dark ebony chinchilla will have black hairs and black or very dark whiskers.

The extra dark ebony chinchilla has a solid color of skin and appears to be shiny.

For an extra dark ebony chinchilla to be born, both parents must care about the homozygous gene or “ebony gene” when they breed or mate.

Overall, a fantastic color option for someone looking to adopt a chinchilla soon.

How Much Is A Black Chinchilla, Pricing Breakdown of Black Chinchillas

Now that you know the actual breakdowns of the black chinchilla’s and the mutation variations of the black chinchilla, you may be curious about how much each of these black chinchillas will cost based on the mutation.

I wanted to take some of the guesswork out of it for you and give you an estimate.

However, pricing will always bounce around based on breeding times, your locations, and supply and demand.

Nonetheless, here is an overview of what you can expect to pay for each variation of the black chinchilla:

  • Black Velvet Chinchilla- Adult Chinchilla from Rescue or Breeder $100.00- Baby Chinchilla/ Pedigreed- $200.00-$250.00
  • Extra Dark Ebony Chinchilla- Adult Chinchilla from Rescue or Breeder $100.00- Baby Chinchilla/ Pedigreed- $200.00-$250.00
  • Hetero Ebony Chinchilla- Adult Chinchilla from Rescue or Breeder $100.00- Baby Chinchilla/ Pedigreed- $200.00-$250.00
  • Light to Medium Ebony/Black Chinchilla- Adult Chinchilla from Rescue or Breeder $100.00- Baby Chinchilla/ Pedigreed- $150.00-$200.00

Again, do not necessarily take these prices and run with them because it is always likely that certain breeders will charge more black chinchilla or any of the black chinchilla mutations.

This is a good solid starting point to give you an idea of what price you may be looking at.

Overall, for how awesome of a color these chinchillas are, it is a good price point.

My standard grey chinchilla was not much less than a black chinchilla, but again, my breeder did not have any mutation or black chinchillas available for adoption.

Finding Black Chinchillas for Sale Near You

Finding a black chinchilla or one of the mutations of black chinchillas for sale or available to adopt near you is going to be nothing more than a little bit of research on your end.

You can start by using my guide that lists all the best chinchillas’ breeders near you by state.

It will break down all the listed and reputable chinchilla breeders in each state.

You can view my guide on the best chinchilla breeders here.

After you have found which breeders are available within a relatively close distance to you, you can simply call those breeders or visit their websites to inquire if they have any black or any variations/mutations of black chinchilla’s for sale or available to adopt.

It is the best way to find your forever black/ebony chinchilla, and most of the time, if adopting from a breeder, you will have the option to adopt a baby chinchilla/pedigreed.

Great Names for Black Chinchilla’s

Finding the perfect name for your chinchilla can be tough, but when you begin trying to match a name to their color, mutation, or even personality, it can be fun.

For black chinchilla’s or any form of an ebony chinchilla, I wanted to give you a few names I thought could at least get your creative mind sparked.

Feel free to use these names for your new black chinchilla, and if not, as I said, I hope it at least got the creative juices flowing for you to pick your own perfect name for your black chinchilla.

Ninja- Just Seems Fitting for A Black Chinchilla

Shadow- Mysterious and Dangerous Type of Name for a Black Chinchilla

Oreo- Awesome name for a black chinchilla if you have adopted a black chinchilla mutation with the bright white underbelly.

Nightfall- Just A Cool Name for A Black Chinchilla

Midnight- Makes sense to me for a black chinchilla

Obviously, when you are trying to pick a name for your chinchilla, you want it to be catchy, clever, and the name to explain your chinchilla.

The above are just 5 examples of great names for a black chinchilla.

Use it to your advantage and create your own.

Black Chinchilla’s Are A Great Option, but All Chinchillas Make for Great Pets

I started off this post today, informing you that I do not own a black chinchilla.

I have a standard grey chinchilla and have for the past 5 years.

However, I am in the market to add a few more chinchillas to my household, and a black chinchilla is certainly at the top of my list for color options I am considering.

Black chinchillas are a unique and beautiful option for your new pet chinchilla.

Do not worry too much however, about finding a black chinchilla if it becomes a struggle.

All chinchillas make for excellent pets.

Especially when you learn how to take care of them properly.

Nonetheless, Chili and I wish you the best of luck with your new black chinchilla and the journey you have ahead of you.

Share Your Thoughts and Experiences with Black Chinchillas

Do you have anything further you can share with the community about black chinchilla’s or other black chinchilla color options and mutations?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Chili and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today, and we will see you again next time.

Thanks again.

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