What Is an Angora Chinchilla [Primary Differences and Facts]

Anyone else stumbled upon the information floating around about the Angora Chinchilla and curious about what is different about this chinchilla and what you can expect?

Or at least curious what makes the Royal Persian Angora Chinchilla different from your standard chinchilla?

I know that when I look at pictures of the Angora chinchilla compared to your standard chinchilla, I knew that I had to learn more and look into some of the primary differences between the standard chinchilla and the angora chinchilla.

What Is an Angora Chinchilla?

The Angora Chinchilla is a specialty breed of chinchilla known as the Royal Persian Angora. The angora chinchilla has longer fur and smaller ears and faces compared to a standard chinchilla. Angora chinchillas are also known to be more expensive than a standard chinchilla to adopt.

It is possible some of you have not even heard of the Angora Chinchilla.

While some of you may have known of the Angora chinchilla or may even be raising an Angora chinchilla right now.

The rest of this post is going to break down what I know about the Angora Chinchilla, and I plan to present the information in the following manner:

What Is the Angora Chinchilla?

As mentioned previously, the Angora Chinchilla is a breed of chinchilla with longer fur a smaller face, and smaller ears.

The angora chinchilla is still typically bred in all of the same colors and mutations you are likely familiar with such as standard grey, ebony, and white among others.

The Royal Persian Chinchilla became popular in chinchilla breeding sometime in the 1960s and was even more prevalent in Texas.

The Angora chinchilla is a breed of a chinchilla that chinchilla show breeders take a lot of interest and pride in raising.

Angora chinchillas are known for their luxurious and long silky hair and are known to be more appealing according to many chinchilla enthusiasts.

Personally, I think both the standard chinchilla and Angora chinchilla are equally attractive pets to own and are both adorable.

I want to start by diving into some of the primary differences you will notice between an Angora Chinchilla and a standard chinchilla.

Key Differences Between Angora Chinchillas and Standard Chinchillas

The Angora Chinchilla has some distinct differences compared to your standard chinchilla.

Most notably, an Angora chinchilla is going to have longer fur on their bodies.


The longer fur is present around the butt and the neck of the Angora Chinchilla.

A standard chinchilla will have roughly 1 inch in length around their entire bodies, and the fur is relatively uniform across their entire bodies.

With the Angora chinchilla, they have longer than 1-inch fur, and around the neck and butt, their fur is much longer.

The Angora Chinchilla has 1.75-2 inches of fur around their neck and 2-3 inches of fur around the butt of the chinchilla.

This can make grooming needs slightly different for the Angora Chinchilla compared to the standard chinchilla.

Angora chinchilla is also known to have smaller ears and smaller faces than the standard chinchilla due to how they are bred.

Not to mention, the Angora chinchilla ears are going to appear smaller than a standard chinchilla due to the long fur around the ears.

Grooming Needs for An Angora Chinchilla

Due to having longer fur, the Angora chinchilla’s are more prone to get matted fur and need dust baths more frequently than a standard chinchilla.

Simply put, if you decide to adopt an Angora Chinchilla, you will need to get them out of the cage more frequently for a dust bath.

It is also recommended, due to the long hair of the Angora chinchilla, that you complete a periodic brushing of your chinchilla’s hair to help avoid matted fur or any rats nest in the hair.

Price of Angora Chinchilla Vs. Standard Chinchilla

Angora chinchillas are typically more expensive than a standard chinchilla.

In fact, the Angora Chinchilla can typically cost 5x more than a standard chinchilla.

This is due to the availability and how many chinchilla breeders are currently offering Angora Chinchillas.

If you plan on adopting an Angora chinchilla, be prepared to spend quite a bit of extra money compared to your standard chinchilla.

Size and Weight of Angora Chinchilla Vs. Standard Chinchilla

Persian Angora chinchillas are known to be smaller than standard chinchillas.

It is not 100% known why the Angora chinchilla is smaller than standard grey chinchillas but likely has something to do with a recessive gene present due to breeding the Angora chinchillas.

Diet and Nutrition for An Angora Chinchilla

When it comes to feeding and an Angora chinchilla, nothing will be different from nutritional needs.

You will still want to stick to using the best chinchilla hay.

In addition to the best and correctly formulated chinchilla pellets.

Outside of that, you do not have to worry about any different food and diet needs.

Can You Adopt an Angora Chinchilla?

Yes, you can adopt an Angora Chinchilla.

However, it may be much more difficult to find a local chinchilla breeder that currently has angora chinchilla is available.

If they do, be prepared for the price to be inflated.

Angora chinchillas are still bred in all the same colors and mutations as a regular standard chinchilla.

They are just more challenging to locate, depending on where you live.

Angora Chinchillas May Be Adorable, but May Be More Expensive and Difficult to Find

While Angora chinchillas may have an adorable face, cute and desirable ears, and luxurious fur, they can be rather expensive to adopt and difficult to locate depending on where you live.

Nonetheless, Angora chinchillas are going to carry the same unique personality traits and characteristics and would make a fantastic pet for you or the entire family.

Chili and I wish you the best of luck with your chinchillas and hope you find luck in locating an Angora Chinchilla if that is what you desire.

What Do You Think of The Angora Chinchilla?

What is your opinion of the Angora Chinchilla?

Do you believe the Royal Persian Angora Chinchilla is more attractive than a standard chinchilla?

Be sure to share your thoughts, stories, and concerns on this topic by dropping a comment below.

As always, Chili and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today, and we will see you again next time.

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