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Can Chinchillas Get Wet? [Critical Things to Avoid]

In the very beginning, becoming a new pet owner can be stressful. You don’t know some answers to critical questions about how to safely and ethically raise a new pet. Chinchillas are no different in this aspect. I was the same way and turned to online sources to find the […]


Can Chinchillas Get Fleas? [A Few Things to Keep in Mind]

It’s not fun to think of any form of pest or parasite making their way onto our chinchillas’ bodies or finding ways to irritate our favorite furry chinchillas. In fact, many individuals considering purchasing a chinchilla may have these kinds of questions up front before every becoming a chinchilla owner. […]


Can You Potty Train A Chinchilla? [Yes, But It’s Not Easy]

If you are considering purchasing a chinchilla or maybe you have already adopted a chinchilla you may have plenty of questions. I know I sure did in the beginning. Anything that you could imagine about chinchillas I was researching for answers. One of the questions I had arise early in […]

Can Chinchillas Eat Cardboard? [Don’t Let This Happen]

Owning a chinchilla can be stressful. Usually it’s all fun and laughter, but in the beginning, it’s stressful and full of anxiety primarily because you are still learning the ins and outs and the dos and don’t about being an ethical chinchilla owner and what may be safe for your […]


What Do Chinchillas Do at Night? [Everything You Need to Know]

As chinchilla owners, we all have curiosity that strikes from time to time. Sometimes it’s essential questions such as what to feed our chinchillas and sometimes it’s questions that are purely based on more curiosity than anything else. For me, when I first adopted my chinchilla, I had a combination […]