Are Bird Toys Safe for Chinchillas?[It Depends + Safety Tips]

Chinchillas are excellent family pets, but they do require a bit of homework and diligence in the beginning.

This is simply to understand what’s safe and what’s not safe for chinchillas to have.

This, of course, includes understanding the best chinchilla toys.

Knowing which accessories are best for your chinchilla cage is imperative.

I had questions in the beginning, as well.

More specifically, are bird toys safe for chinchillas?

After being a chinchilla parent myself for several years and purchasing just about every chinchilla accessory you can imagine, here’s the insight I can provide you on this topic.

So, are bird toys safe for chinchillas? Yes, some bird toys are safe for chinchillas. Chinchillas can use some bird toys if they don’t contain plastic and are only constructed using wood materials that are considered safe for chinchillas. Plastic toys should be avoided for chinchillas.

Don’t stress out about the answer provided above.

I’m going to break it down for you much further in this post to ensure you are always using items that are safe for your chin.

I know in today’s world that my readers are typically in a rush, as well.

Due to this, I’ve created easy to navigate links directly below that will allow you to skip to any specific section of this post that you need or desire to learn more about.

Are Bird Toys Safe For Chinchillas?

Here’s what I intend on covering in today’s brief 3-minute overview:

Like stated before, for those who don’t want to listen to my ramble, feel free to skip around.

Otherwise, I recommend you stick around to learn what it takes to make your chinchilla cage as awesome as possible.

Here are the details you need to understand.

Chinchillas Using Bird Toys

Knowing which chinchilla toys to purchase is just part of knowing how to care for a chinchilla properly.

Here’s the thing about choosing the safe and best chinchilla toys.

They need to promote chewing in nearly all circumstances, and they need to be constructed with safe materials that won’t cause harm to our chinchillas.

As far as chewing goes, this is purely because chinchillas have teeth that continue to grow and need proper filing in order to remain healthy.

Not promoting this can cause a chinchilla’s tooth to become overgrown and cause pain, among other issues, with your chinchillas.

Obviously, if we know our chinchilla will be chewing on these toys (which they will chew nearly anything), then we need to make sure that they are safe to consume.

Typically, plastic is the biggest concern that we need to avoid.

Outside of this, you can typically allow a chinchilla to use a bird toy inside of their cage.

Using toys such as shredders or even ball-shaped toys are your best bet.

You can also stick to using bird toys that contain primarily wood or even bells for your chinchilla.

Most of these toys are going to be safe in all regards.

Do Not Always Trust Pet Store Adverting

This is a topic I discuss in similar blog posts when it comes to the proper diet for your chinchilla and other considerations that can often be misleading at the pet stores.

Be careful not to just look at pictures on the packaging and automatically think it’s safe for a chinchilla.

Examine the toy and check the materials used for the toys.

A lot of treats and other items that you can find at a pet store will have a picture of a chinchilla on the bag, automatically making you assume that it MUST be safe for a chinchilla.

This is not true in the slightest, and you must be careful using this approach.

Always double check to ensure that it’s safe, and if you have any doubts, consult either other chinchilla owners, websites such as this, or even contact a vet to double-check that you have nothing to be concerned with.

Chinchillas have sensitive digestive systems, and it’s just not worth the risks involved over one 5-dollar toy to have any issues arise.

That’s my take on the situation, at least.

Use Caution with Materials Used in Chinchilla Toys

I know we have covered a few things to watch for, such as plastic.

Still, I didn’t want to forget to mention other things to watch for to ensure your chinchilla doesn’t have the opportunity to ingest something harmful.

Make sure that whatever toy you do ultimately decide to purchase does NOT contain other harmful materials such as cotton rope, poly rope, or strings.

At first glance, these toys can seem fun, entertaining, and like they would be perfectly fine.

However, once your chinchilla starts getting down to business with chewing, these can also be problematic if ingested.

Steer clear of toys like this.

Stick to Chinchilla Toys When Possible

Whenever possible, I highly recommend not getting too “outside of the box” when purchasing chinchilla toys.

Stick to recommended and safe toys designed for chinchilla use.

It’s 100% percent possible to create an awesome chinchilla cage filled with options and things to do if without expanding into other toys designed for different animals.

Both of my links at the beginning of this post will walk you through in-depth at which toys are the best for chinchillas.

Items may include choosing the best chinchilla wheel or even adding a comfortable and safe chinchilla hammock.

As far as items that help promote chewing?

I stick to chew sticks and other items that are almost 100% wood.

Even wood blocks are great additions to any chinchilla cage.

Heck, even placing a few timothy hay cubes can be entertaining for a chinchilla and supply great nutrition while helping your chinchilla to file down their teeth.

The point is simple.

You have tons of options for chinchilla toys without needing to look at toys that are made for other pets such as birds etc.

Stick to these toys when possible, and you will eliminate most of the potential issues that may arise.

Final Thoughts

Chinchilla toys are 100% a fantastic thing to purchase for your chinchilla.

I’d even argue that they are required to mentally and physically stimulate your chinchilla to keep them happy.

However, the correct and safe toys always must be in the back of your mind when ordering various items to place inside of your chinchilla cage.

Some of the bird toys in this post will undoubtedly be just fine and cause you no issues by offering them to your chin.

But why even bother when you don’t need too?

I understand that some of the readers may also own a bird, which makes this question 100% understandable.

Outside of these individuals, I recommend you shift your thinking and stick to the basics to avoid issues or a potentially ill chinchilla.

I’d Love to Hear Your Feedback

I always encourage the readers to provide their 2 cents on the topic.

Do you use bird toys for your chinchilla?

What other safety precautions and further insight can you offer to the readers?

Be sure to share your thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Chili and I appreciate you stopping by.

Thanks again, and we will see you next time.

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  1. Thank you! This was so helpful. I have a plastic sleeping hut from when I was little and made my grandma buy it for my (toy) hamsters. I’m getting chinchillas soon and I was going to offer it to them but now I know not to!!

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