Do Chinchillas Like Fleece? [Yes, But Follow These Instructions]


If you own a chinchilla, you have likely asked yourself or wondered if chinchillas like fleece.

It’s normal and we all get sick and tired of the traditional chinchilla bedding and shavings.

This post is designed to answer those specific questions.

Do chinchillas like fleece?

Here is what I know on this subject.

So, do chinchillas like fleece? Yes, chinchillas like fleece. Fleece is soft and comfortable on your chinchillas’ feet. Fleece is also comfortable for your chinchilla to rest on and helps absorb urine keeping your chinchilla’s cage cleaner and odor-free. Overall fleece is a great bedding option for chinchillas.

If you are anything like me, it doesn’t all quite add up in your head if you haven’t used fleece yet.

I was curious where the poop and pee would go and how this fleece bedding “system worked”.

Well, fleece is the only thing I use for my chinchilla at this point.

I personally believe it’s essential to keeping a cleaner habitat and overall a large improvement.

Especially for your chinchilla hygiene.

If you need further information on chinchilla’s hygiene, you read one of my other detailed posts.

I have an ultimate guide that you can read covering everything about chinchilla’s hygiene here.

If can also relieve some anxiety before moving forward by reading another one of my posts.

It’s all about if fleece is safe for chinchillas that you can see here.

(Spoiler Alert* Fleece is safe for chinchillas 100%)

Otherwise, give me about 3 minutes and I’ll tell you if and why chinchillas like fleece.

Here are the details.

Do Chinchillas Like Fleece and How to Implement Fleece for Your Chinchilla

Like I stated before, chinchillas do like fleece.

I was leery as well about how it would work.

In all honesty, you need to just order the fleece liners and give it a chance.

I ordered my fleece liners on Amazon and they were cut to size for the Critter Nations 2 cage.

However, other options are available as well for a few different chinchilla cages.

These are the exact fleece liners I currently use for my chinchilla cage (Link to Amazon).

My chinchilla seems to love her fleece liners.

She had no problem transition from old bedding.

In my opinion, I think fleece is overall more comfortable for chinchillas to rest on.

Not only rest but overall just more comfortable to live and interact on.

It’s softer and likely provides more comfort than traditional chinchilla bedding.

You do however have a couple of other considerations to keep in mind.

Here are the details on those topics.

Make Sure to Get Fleece Liners Cut to Fit Unless You Will Craft Your Own

I know that the sellers offering fleece liners on Amazon are offering them for several chinchilla cages.

I’m 100% certain that you can currently get fleece liners cut to fit for any Critter Nation chinchilla cage (Link to Amazon)

I’m also certain that they are offering the liners for the one-level cages as well.

Basically, the fleece liners are designed to fit right over the black plastic trays inside the cage.

The best advice I can give you when you try and find the fleece liners is to click around for a few minutes.

Find a contact page if you have a different chinchilla cage.

Reach out to the online store.

Make sure they can cut the fleece to fit your specific chinchilla cage.

Otherwise, learn how to sew quickly and craft your own.

That’s not really my thing but I’m sure it’s not overly difficult and can be done with a few practices runs.

If You Want Your Chinchilla to Enjoy Fleece, Keep it Clean

I think this tip is something you already knew would need to take place.

You need to keep the fleece clean for your chinchilla cage.

Luckily, this is extremely easy to do.

Shop vacuum all the poop nuggets off the fleece.

Remove your fleece liners and wash in cold water in the washing machine.

Following the wash cycle, allow the fleece to air dry to avoid shrinking.

The last step is placing the fleece liners back into the cage.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

Potty Train Your Chinchilla to Make Fleece the Ultimate Weapon

If you were not aware, chinchillas can be potty trained to urinate in a litter pan.

In fact, to help you out, you can read my post about if a chinchilla can be potty trained here.

Here’s why this can take fleece liners for your chinchilla to the next level.

Chinchillas do poop all the time.

Likely, everyone reading this post understand that.

If you don’t, you can read my post about if chinchillas poop a lot here.

Here’s the thing though, chinchilla poop doesn’t smell.

Chinchilla pee, on the other hand, can produce an odor if it’s not cleaned in time.

Especially when you use old school bedding and shavings opposed to fleece.

Well, unfortunately, although fleece liners for chinchilla cages are awesome, it can still grab odor after enough urine.

This is when a litter pan and critter litter became a game-changer for me.

Here’s How Removing Urine from Fleece Liners Absolutely Rocks

Don’t get me wrong, chinchillas take time to potty train.

This took me several months to get down.

However, now my chinchilla rarely pees on any of the fleece liners.

Sure, she poops on it all the time, but this isn’t a huge deal.

The poop vacuums up easily and takes about 2 minutes to clean up.

If you can effectively potty train your chinchilla in this fashion, you can begin washing the fleece liners once a week.

Not to mention, you can rest assured that your chinchillas love the fleece liners.

You can also feel good knowing the fleece liners are always keeping your chinchilla clean and cozy.

2 Sets of Fleece Liners for Your Chinchilla Cage Makes Life Easy

Hopefully, by now, I’ve already convinced you that chinchillas like fleece liners.

It’s absolutely 100% true.

However, I have one more key piece of advice.

Purchase two sets of fleece liners.

It’s going to make your life much easier.

I like having two simply, so I don’t have to wash a set every week if I don’t have the time.

Having two sets allow you to swap out whenever you please.

Not to mention, they have different designs for your chinchilla cage.

This makes it so you can have some fun with it.

If You Can’t Get Fleece for Your Chinchilla, Make Do with The Basics

I wanted to make one last point.

I know that not everyone has the means to buy 1 or 2 sets of fleece liners for their chinchillas.

Regular chinchilla bedding will do just fine.

No harm no foul in using the traditional pull out trays with chinchilla bedding/shavings.

It’s what a lot of people likely still do.

However, when the budget does permit, make sure to consider purchasing liners.

Chinchillas absolutely love the fleece and so will you.

Your Chinchilla Will Like Fleece Liners, You Need to Be Considering Them ASAP

I know we just covered if you don’t have the budget for fleece liners not to sweat it.

However, if the opposite is true, you should be considering purchasing fleece liners immediately.

Do chinchillas like fleece? Absolutely.

They are also going to make your life much easier. The sooner you switch, the happier you will be.

I can promise you that.

Anything we can do to make our chinchillas more comfortable is what it’s all about.

Not to mention, anything we can do to make our life’s easier is also ideal.

Turning the floor over to you.

Now it’s time for your feedback about fleece liners.

I know a bunch of chinchilla owners use fleece for their chinchilla cages so chime in with your thoughts.

Do your chinchillas love the fleece liners?

Do you love fleece liners and agree they make life easier?

Be sure to drop a comment below.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

Me and “Chili” Appreciate you.

Catch you next time.

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