Do Chinchillas Poop A Lot? [Way More Than You Think]



Either you are considering adopting a chinchilla, or you already own one and are a bit shocked by some of your observations in the first few days.

I suppose there is a chance that you are just plain curious on the topic of chinchillas as well.

I’ve owned a chinchilla now for quite some time and have learned some interesting things along the way.

One of the questions I remember googling when I first went to purchase my chinchilla was simple.

Do chinchillas poop a lot?

After owning a chinchilla and my fair share of cage cleanings, here is what I can tell you on the subject.

So, do chinchillas poop a lot? Yes, chinchillas poop a lot. Chinchillas can poop up to 250 times per day. Chinchillas usually poop most of the time that they are awake. Chinchilla poop does not have an odor and is a hard mouse like pellets that are easy to dispose of.

Yep, you read that correctly.

Chinchillas can poop up to 250x per day!

It may sound like a lot, but really, it’s not.

My chinchilla’s cage is never out of control dirty, and I’ve never had an issue with my chinchilla pooping non-stop.

I’ve also never had any issues with the poop causing my chinchilla to stink or impacting her overall hygiene.

I wanted to take some time here today and explain what I mean and why it’s nothing to make a big deal over.

More About Chinchilla Poop and Frequency

Like I stated before, chinchillas do poop extremely frequently, but the fantastic news for all of you who own chinchillas or who are considering adopting a chinchilla is the fact that the poop doesn’t smell.

Not even a little.

In fact, overall chinchillas are odorless animals.

Provide them with a dust bath, and you have basically met all the hygiene needs for a chinchilla to remain clean and not putting off any odors around you or in your home.

Is Chinchilla Poop Easy to Clean Up?

Yes, chinchilla poop is extremely easy to clean up.

You can sweep it, vacuum it, grab it, or use whatever method you choose to clean up and dispose of chinchilla poop.

Depending on where I allow my chinchilla out for playtime, I typically just sweep it up or vacuum it up.

It takes about 3 minutes, and you’re done.

Chinchilla poop resembles mouse poop.

It’s just tiny hard little pellets that carry no odor.

When you have your chinchilla out for playtime it’s likely he or she will poop 15-20 times in the area you are playing just in the small amount of time that they are out.

They have tiny little digestive systems, and when it’s time to let a pellet loose, they don’t have any fear of doing so no matter who is around or who is watching.

It’s just the way it is.

Do Chinchillas Throw Poop?

No chinchillas do not throw their poop.

At least mine doesn’t throw her poop nor have I seen anyone I know chinchillas throw poop or read about it online.

I’m sure there is the exception to this because chinchillas do have human-like little hands so technically would be capable of grabbing it if they chose too, but I have never seen nor heard of a chinchilla throwing poop.

No worries on this end, no matter how mad you make your make chinchilla, you shouldn’t have flying poop nuggets coming towards your head.

It’s just not something they do.

Will Poop Get Out of The Chinchilla Cage?

Yes, this does happen but not because your chinchilla is throwing the poop.

Shavings, food pellets, poop pellets, and even a little hay can find itself making its way out of the cage liner from time to time.

This is simply because of the position or what your chinchilla is doing during the time that she does poop.

I have shelves for my chinchilla to jump on all over my cage.

I’ve noticed when she’s on the higher shelves or in a playful mood and poops that sometimes these make it through the grate of the cage because of her motion or the way she has her butt positioned near the cage wall when she decided to let is loose.

Again, we aren’t talking about wet stinky poop here.

A tiny little nugget.

Grab a broom or vacuum, and the problem is solved is in less than 10 seconds.

Trust me, I’ve cleaned a chinchilla cage and more chinchilla poop than I can count, and it’s never been a daunting task.

It’s always taken me roughly 5-10 minutes to complete a full cage cleaning.

Problem solved.

Can You Potty Train A Chinchilla?

This I have not tried but have seen some funny videos of people attempting to do this.

For the most part, I’d say the answer is no although I believe with enough time and practice you may be able to convince a chinchilla to urinate in a designated spot of the cage.

Again, I have not tried.

Chinchillas aren’t really a super trainable animal in the sense of doing amazing tricks unless they do them on their own.

They can recognize their name and their owners and be great loving, friendly pets but you probably won’t be potty training or teaching your chinchilla to fetch or lay down anytime soon.

Is It Normal for Chinchillas to Poop A lot?

Yes, it is normal for chinchillas to poop a lot.

In fact, I’d say if your chinchilla is not pooping for whatever the reason may be, that’s when it’s time to likely see a vet and something may be wrong with your chinchilla.

Chinchillas should frequently be pooping if they are awake.

If you notice the time go by where the cage doesn’t have any poop in the liner or on the shelves or possibly your chinchilla isn’t pooping at all while out for playtime.

You may have an issue and need to consult with a vet about it as soon as possible.

Chinchillas can get sick and usually when they do, it advances rapidly.

So noticing small changes In your chinchilla’s behavior even if it’s something like pooping is essential.

It ensures you are caring for your chinchilla correctly and making sure you stop illness before it has time to become something more serious.

Are Chinchillas Smelly?

No chinchillas are not smelly at all. I’d argue they are perhaps one of the cleanest, easiest to care for and non-odor producing pets you can adopt.

I have an entire blog post dedicated to discussing if chinchillas smell that you can see here.

It will give you a full break down on what to expect as far as the odors that a chinchilla can produce but overall, I think current chinchilla owners and prospective chinchilla owners would all agree that they are clean, odor free-animals.

That’s always a big positive in my book!

Do Chinchillas Eat Their Poop?

Yes, it is possible that your chinchilla eats their own poop.

The actual act of eating poop is called coprophagy. In most circumstances, a chinchilla will not eat their poop, but in rare cases when the poop contains undigested nutrients and vitamins, a chinchilla may eat this poop to get the nutrients they need.

The good news is that they don’t do this in a manner that you can physically see.

If the poop hits the floor, they will not eat it.

A chinchilla knows the poop that needs to be re-digested to gain the nutrients and will eat this poop directly from the anus.

If you ever notice your little chinchilla in a bent-over position and coming back up for air chewing or holding something, you have just witnessed your chinchilla eating poop.

Well kind of, but I think you get the picture.

Putting It All Together. A lot Of Poop Is Expected with Chinchillas

Well, that’s how it goes folks.

Chinchilla’s poop a lot.

It’s just the way of the world, but I do ensure you that it’s not hard to clean up and it doesn’t have an odor.

The fact that chinchilla poops often should never have you turned away from considering adopting one.

They are one of the easiest, friendly, loving pets you can adopt. In fact, you can see my post here.

It details 9 fantastic reasons why chinchillas make the ultimate pet for any family.

Once you get used to the small things like how often chinchillas’ poop and what these scenarios look like, you will never look back and regret the decision of adopting a chinchilla.

At least that’s been the story for me anyways.

What’s your experience with chinchillas and their poop?

Any fun stories you can share with all the readers?

Be sure to drop a comment below.

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