Can Chinchillas Eat Apples? [Critical Info to Understand]

Understanding how to offer a safe and proper diet to your chinchilla is essential.

It allows you to understand how to take care of a chinchilla in the best fashion and keeps your chinchilla safe from harmful foods that can cause upset stomachs or worse health complications.

I was concerned about hundreds of these questions when I first adopted my chinchilla.

Sure, other things are equally essential to understand, such as providing the best chinchilla cage possible.

Still, nothing is arguably more critical than understanding which fruits are safe for your new chinchilla.

In the beginning, shortly after I adopted my chinchilla from the local chinchilla breeder, I was curious about specific foods and fruits and if it was safe to offer to my chinchilla.

Can chinchillas eat apples?

After owning a chinchilla now for 4+ years, here is the information I can provide you on this topic.

Yes, a chinchilla can eat apples in small quantities. Chinchillas will enjoy the sweet taste of apples, but due to high levels of calcium and acidity, a chinchilla should only be offered apples in small 2 CM serving sizes. Apples for chinchillas should be provided as a treat and not as an alternative to your chinchillas’ diet.

That’s the quick and easy answer to the question.

It’s also important to understand that other parts of the apple are often in question, and it’s equally important to understand the quantity and frequency you should be offering your chinchilla to avoid any health complications.

That’s what the rest of this post is designed to break down for you.

By the end of the post, I want you to be fully aware of all the pros and cons you will encounter offering your chinchilla apples and also understand all the parts of an apple or food choices that contain apple that may or may not be safe for your chinchilla.

To make things simple, I’ve also created easy to navigate links directly below that will allow you to skip around in this post in case you only need limited information or in case you are in a hurry.


Here is a detailed outline of what I plan on covering for you in today’s brief 2-minute post:

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Otherwise, if you have those 2 minutes to spare, stick around, and I’ll break down everything you know about offering your chinchilla apples and what to beware of.

Here are the critical details to ensure you understand.

Can Chinchillas Eat Apples Recap?

We started this post by offering some good news that a chinchilla can have apples from time to time.

That’s the critical phrase to remember when it comes to offering apples to your chinchilla.

It needs to be considered a treat and not offered very often.

For a better understanding of the best chinchilla treats you can offer your new furry friend, you can view my post here.

So, what exactly does that mean, and how often can you offer apples to your chinchilla?

I personally would never offer your chinchilla apples more than 2 twice per week.

This is total.

Two small pieces of apple, and that’s it.

They will enjoy the sweetness and the acidity of the apple, but that same acidity and sweetness can cause digestive tract issues for your small chinchilla.

I’d also only stick to regular store-bought apples for your chinchilla that you would typically eat as well.

Don’t use any other version of cooking apples or items with apple ingredients.

This is the safest and best approach you can take if you want your chinchilla to enjoy a small piece of apple from time to time.

Are Apples Bad for Chinchillas?

No, apples are not bad for your chinchilla if they provided in small quantities. However, apples offered to frequently and in too large of portions would be considered bad for your chinchilla due to the high levels of sugar and acidity. The calcium contained in apples is beneficial for a chinchilla.

Hopefully, that didn’t sound too contradictory.

Apples themselves would not be deemed an issue for your chinchilla to consume, but it’s essential it’s never done too often.

Following these rules will give you the option to provide a new treat and not cause any harm or digestive issues and pain for your new family pet.

Chinchillas Eating Apple Peels

Some owners may not believe this, but I assure you it’s okay to offer your chinchilla apple peels.

This should still only be offered every now and then, but overall, the apple peel won’t be too large and will give your chinchilla a few minutes of enjoying the taste and the process of chewing the apple peel.

You see, if you weren’t aware, chinchilla’s love to chew so when you can kill two birds with one stone, it’s a win-win.

Just follow the same advice provided previously for the best results and to keep your chinchilla happy and healthy.

Can Chinchillas Eat Green Apples?

Chinchilla’s should not have green apples. Green apples are going to be more bitter and sweeter than regular apples. Too much sugar or sweetness can easily cause stomach pain and other issues for your chinchilla.

While I’m completely aware that some individuals have probably offered their chinchilla’s green apples without issue, I’m still a bigger fan of being safe than sorry.

I’d stick to regular apples if you are going to offer your chinchilla any apples in the first place.

Plain and simple.

Can Chinchillas Eat Apple Wood Branches?

Yes, chinchillas can eat apple wood branches.

If you are preparing your own apple wood branches, be sure you clean them and ensure no other chemicals are present.

Applewood sticks are also popular options for chew sticks you can order for your chinchilla on popular marketplaces such as Amazon.

You can also read my full guide about which woods are safe for your chinchilla to eat here.

Understanding Safe Fruits for Chinchillas

Overall, apples are one of many fruits a chinchilla owner may consider offering their chinchilla as a treat.

It’s imperative to understand which fruits are safe for your chinchilla and which fruits could potentially cause issues.

The same applies for other food groups as well such as vegetables.

The best advice I can give you is to always research each fruit before offering it to your chinchilla.

Most fruits, surprisingly, contain too much sugar and acidic content for your chinchilla and can cause a great deal of discomfort and worse issues.

Always play it safe and only offer fruit as a treat, not as a diet supplement.

Overall, your chinchilla should be eating a combination of the best chinchilla hay possible in addition to chinchilla formulated pellets.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, providing the safest and best foods for your chinchilla is a necessary part of owning a chinchilla.

Fruits are no exception.

While apples can be offered seldomly as a delicious treat, it shouldn’t be abused.

Chinchillas make for great family pets.

They are loving members of the family and providing a balanced diet can ensure a great relationship with your new chinchilla for the next 15-20 years.

Chili and I wish you the best of luck with your journey.

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