Can Chinchillas Jump? [Yes, Here’s How to Prepare]

Chinchillas have a unique personality and some extreme physical capabilities which certainly includes their ability to jump.

Naturally, when we want to ensure the safest and most enjoyable home for our pets, we want to know more about their personalities and how they behave daily. This led me to my specific question.

Can chinchillas jump?

I have now been raising my chinchilla for the past 5 years and here is what I can tell you on this topic.

Yes, chinchillas can jump. Chinchillas can jump 6 feet or higher. Additionally, chinchillas are very coordinated and balanced with jumping. They are capable of coordinating and landing in difficult spots and can maneuver with their jumps quickly and accurately.

However, some of you are likely in the same boat I was in and would like to know how to prepare correctly for these fantastic pets.

I’ll detail everything you need to know about chinchillas jumping capabilities as well as what you need to know to prepare for how to structure your cage and playtime in your home to create a safe environment.

The more you can understand the common chinchilla behaviors and attributes the better.

Here is how I intend to break down this topic for you today:

can chinchillas jump gray chinchilla

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Can Chinchillas Jump?

Like I stated initially.

Chinchillas can jump, and they can jump very well.

Up to 6 feet if they choose to.

No worries; however, if you are adequately prepared it’s delightful to watch.

Especially when they are out for playtime and interacting with you.

Chinchillas, once they are warmed up to you will do all sorts of crazy fun behaviors.

For instance, my chinchilla loves to jump into my lap, climb onto my shoulders and then after a minute or two of just sitting, she will jump onto my head and just hang out there until she feels like running around again.

I know some of you may think this sounds a little odd, but I suppose you would have to own a chinchilla to understand why this is humorous and a lot of fun to be a part of.

Always Ensure Your Chinchilla Has A Cage to Encourage Jumping and Climbing

Due to a chinchilla’s unique jumping abilities, it’s essential to accommodate for that.

This means protecting the outer areas where we have our chinchillas out to play and ensuring that our chinchilla’s cage is structured in a manner that allows them to jump and to exhibit healthy behaviors.

In the long run, this keeps your chinchilla happy and healthy.

Especially if you have your chinchilla alone instead of with another chinchilla.

You see, chinchillas are social, friendly, and loving pets.

They need to be able to be themselves and interact with either you daily or another chinchilla.

Now, I do understand that life gets in the way from time to time.

This can’t always happen, but it’s crucial to at least ensure your chinchilla is afforded the option to jump, climb, and be crazy in their cage and when they are out for playtime.

It’s also important we do this in a safe manner.

What A Chinchilla Cage Needs to Include To Encourage and Support Jumping and Climbing

This moves us into the specifics about what your chinchilla will need to encourage jumping in their cage and outside of their cage.

For the sake of this section of the post, let’s start with the physical cage set-up/structure for your chinchilla.

For starters, chinchillas need a large cage.

This far into the post, I’m sure we can all understand why.

It’s vital that you have several shelves (made of wood), hanging toys that they enjoy playing with and chewing. Not only does this encourage proper dental health for your chinchilla but keeps them healthy and active.

I see many individuals in Facebook communities or other forums who are starting off with small cages.

That’s okay.

I did the same because when you first purchase a chinchilla is when expenses are the highest.

I do highly recommend upgrading at one point or another to allow your chinchilla plenty of space.

Currently, I’m using a dual-level Critter Nation 2 Cage (Link to Amazon).

This was not only easy to assemble but has worked out great for my chinchilla.

She has plenty of space, multiple levels and you have plenty of options and space to hang various items that your chinchilla will enjoy playing with.

Always remember, the more you can encourage your chinchilla to chew on safe items the fewer health problems related to their teeth you will run into in the future.

You can typically spot this if your chinchilla begins grinding their teeth or an odor emits from your chinchilla.

Chinchillas naturally do not smell so if a foul odor is emitting, likely your chinchilla is sick, or you have a different problem on your hands, and you may need to call your vet.

Once you have a proper sized cage, it’s time to ensure you understand the safety behind allowing your chinchilla to roam different rooms of your home.

Structuring Play Time for Your Chinchilla to Jump and Run Safely

Playtime is one of the most essential things you can do when owning a chinchilla.

Outside of this, owning a chinchilla is extremely easy, but you do need to dedicate this time each day when possible.

With that being said, we need to structure playtime carefully to encourage jumping and natural chinchilla behaviors.

For starters, this means limiting the space for your chinchilla to one room so they can’t run away and make it difficult to find them.

Additionally, playtime is when chinchillas will be the most active, and due to their frequent jumping and climbing, you need to ensure you are in a cool room where you don’t run the risk of your chinchilla overheating.

This is key and often overlooked sadly.

Chinchillas have incredibly dense fur and can overheat quickly.

Cool rooms with temperatures below 70 degrees can help ensure you are set up for success.

Next, you need to make sure all cords are protected, so your chinchilla doesn’t chew any wires.

This is easy, and you can simply purchase Velcro wrap cord protectors and protect all cords.

Remember, this post is about chinchillas climbing and jumping so having wires exposed on higher shelves is also dangerous, and they also need to be protected.

I used this Velcro Cord Protector (Link To Amazon) in my home.

It allows you to choose your size and only takes a few minutes to secure all cords.

Outside of these recommendations, you should be in good shape to allow your chinchilla to have fun, interact with you, and to witness some epic jumps.

Some jumping will be by bouncing off walls, landing on shelves, and doing all sorts of other behaviors that make chinchillas extraordinarily unique and a blast to own.

The natural abilities that chinchillas have are what I believe makes them such an excellent pet to own.

If you are currently on the fence about adopting a chinchilla, I would recommend pulling the trigger.

I don’t regret it and unquestionably don’t believe you will either.

Structure Your Chinchilla Cage and Environment To Promote Your Chinchilla Jumping

If you take the recommendations, I have laid out here today, your chinchilla should be happy and have the necessary safety precautions in place to do their thing and what they were born to do.

Ensure you keep an eye on your chinchilla during playtime.

To re-emphasize, can chinchillas jump?

Yes, and they can jump exceptionally well so be prepared and be diligent and enjoy the fun your chinchilla can bring to your life.

Chili and I wish you the best of luck with your new chinchillas and be sure to always promote those jumping behaviors.

Do You Have Fun Stories To Share About Your Chinchilla Jumping?

Do you have any further recommendations for the readers?

What do you do and how do you structure your chinchilla cage to encourage jumping and climbing?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Chili and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today.

Thanks again and we will see you again next time.



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