Do Chinchillas Like Vacuums?[Best Options & The Facts]

Something that’s far too often forgotten about owning a chinchilla is the fact that a clean cage and proper hygiene is imperative for your chinchilla’s health and happiness.

It’s a critical part of the process, and the sooner you adopt a routine for this, the better.

Plenty of methods are possible to get the job done effectively, and we all have our preferences that have owned a chinchilla in the past or currently own a chinchilla.

Today, I want to cover a frequently asked question.

Do chinchillas like vacuums?

After several years of owning my own chinchilla and countless cage cleanings, here is what I can tell you on this topic.

So, do chinchillas like vacuums? Chinchillas neither like nor dislike vacuums. Chinchillas adapt to routines quickly. If you use a vacuum daily to clean the chinchilla cage or to clean the room around the cage, your chinchilla will be okay with the sound of a vacuum. Vacuums are an excellent method for cleaning your chinchilla’s cage.

Yep, it’s true, my friends.

Vacuums don’t bother chinchillas if you start using them with frequency and routine.

Shockingly enough, it’s also essential to make sure you choose a vacuum that can prove beneficial and help speed up the cage cleaning process.

I plan to break all of this down for you in today’s brief 3-minute post.

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Here are the topics I plan on covering today:

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Do Chinchillas Like Vacuums?

Okay, fellow chinchilla owners, here’s the deal.

Chinchillas absolutely don’t mind vacuums.

Primarily when you use them often around your chinchilla or the chinchilla cage.

That’s the key, though.

The vacuum becomes part of their day and noise they are accustomed to hearing if you use it as a tool to clean the chinchilla cage.

Preferably daily.

Listen, the cage needs cleaned daily regardless.

Believe me, a good vacuum makes this process 1000 x easier to handle.

Especially if you decide to purchase a decent vacuum right out of the gates.

If I go much more than a few days without a tidy up, the task usually takes doubles in length of time.

This leads me directly into my next topic and lesson about why cleaning the cage daily is essential for several different reasons.

Daily Cleanings Are Essential

Cleaning the chinchilla cage daily isn’t only important because it smells better and looks better.

It’s also imperative to your chinchilla’s health, in my opinion.

Think of it like this.

Chinchillas can poop more than 200 times per day.

That’s a lot of poop.

Would you want to be sleeping and living in your own poop?

What if your chinchilla is not potty trained and even has peed on the bedding shavings?

Maybe you use fleece liners, which I 100% recommend, and your chinchilla has urinated on these as well.

This can eventually cause infections and bacteria and cause your chinchilla to become ill if you get behind on your cleanings too far or just don’t clean the cage often enough in general.

Use a vacuum and use the tools needed to make this job as easy as possible.

It’s completely worth it when you purchase a vacuum that’s up for the task.

Luckily, that’s what I plan on touching on next.

My recommendations for which vacuums will take the beating of daily chinchilla cage cleanings like a champion.

Here are those details.

Best Vacuums for Cleaning a Chinchillas Cage

The vacuum you ultimately choose to use on your chinchilla cage is going to make a world of difference for your upcoming cleanings for several reasons.

First and foremost, hay, poop, and shavings can cause some strain on a vacuum.

Especially one that’s not built to take that beating.

Secondly, the items mentioned above can easily clog the tubes and filters of a typical vacuum.

Sure, cheap vacuums are available, and I’m not recommending breaking the bank entirely.

I am, however, recommending getting a decent vacuum today to avoid hassle tomorrow.

Below, I’m going to detail the one and only vacuum I currently recommend for getting the job done effectively.

Don’t worry, I’ll explain why I recommend it as well.

My #1 Recommended Vacuum for Cleaning Your Chinchillas Cage

Currently, I use the Shop-Vac 5-Gallon 4.5 HP Wet/Dry Vacuum (Link to Amazon).

I’ve been using the vacuum for 2 of the 3 years I’ve owned my chinchilla.

Before this vacuum, I used several upright vacuums, and they would be rendered useless after about 2-3 cleanings.

I also used several cheaper shop vacuum options which also ended up not being capable of taking the beating daily.

The filters, cheaper vacuums, and cheaper hoses aren’t great for this task.

Typically I found the vacuums in the $25-50.00 range almost suffice but not quite sturdy enough.

I finally made the switch and have been in great shape since.

This vacuum has an incredible suction, a wide enough hose opening for all cage debris, and continues running at full power regardless of the beating it takes.

Now, I have had the tube gets clogged before after sucking too much hay into the hose, but this is easily fixed by hitting the hose with your hand while holding the hose towards the ground.

This let’s gravity help you get the debris out of the hose, and the vacuum resumes working with no issues.

Other Pro Tips

I have a few other tips to share that will make this process even more streamlined for you.

First, make sure to sweep what you can with a handheld brush and a dustpan.

Use something such as the combo I use.

You can see it here (Link to Amazon).

Don’t spend too much time on this task but do a quick sweep, toss the poop and discarded hay into a garbage can, and bust out that new shop vacuum to finish the job.

Secondly, I highly recommend using fleece liners as opposed to bedding and wire bottom chinchilla cages.

It’s easier to clean and effortless to do a quick sweep and then vacuum.

Once a week, simply remove the liners and wash them in cold water.

That’s currently the routine and methods I use, and the cleaning process is about as easy as I believe it can be and doesn’t take much time out of my day.

I currently use the Piggy Bed Spread Fleece Liners (Link to Amazon)

They can be ordered for several different chinchilla cages, but I currently use them on the Critter Nation 2 Dual Level Cage (Link to Amazon)

This cage, I believe, is one of the best you can decide to purchase.

Here’s a full review of the Critter Nation Cage for you here.


To wrap things up, chinchillas absolutely have no issues with you using a vacuum.

Especially when you do it often.

Chinchillas adapt to their environment quickly, and it won’t take long for them to realize this is just part of the day and to be expected.

Cleaning the chinchilla cage and caring for your chinchilla is not an overly complicated task with some routine.

Chili and I wish you the best of luck with your cage cleanings and your new chinchilla.

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