How Do You Keep Chinchilla Poop in The Cage?[6 Tips That Work]

So, you have a chinchilla that’s causing you a bit of frustration?

Perhaps they are causing you too clean, sweep and vacuum more than you originally anticipated?

It happens, and I was in your exact same situation after I adopted my first chinchilla.

It’s common, and chinchillas are quite the entertaining and personality-filled pet.

A question I came across the other day was specific and made me smile from ear to ear.

How do you keep chinchilla poop in the cage?

After trying a few different methods, trial and error and some technique testing, here is what I can tell you on this subject.

So, how do you keep chinchilla poop in the cage? To keep chinchilla poop in the cage, you need to clean the cage frequently. Additionally, place small trash cans on the outside of your chinchilla’s cage and ensure that you regularly clean the wood shelves where poop tends to roll and fall easier inside of the cage.

As promised in the title of this post, I have a few other tips and tricks you can use to ensure you are keeping as many of those brown nuggets inside your chinchilla’s cage.

Trust me, this is way better than having them rolling out onto the floor and causing an additional mess for you to clean up.

The goal is to make you a total expert at keeping not only your chinchillas hygiene in top-notch shape but also help you keep your home clean and ready for company.

I’ve created easy to navigate links directly below that will allow you to skip to any specific section of this post that you desire to learn more about.

Here’s what I intend on breaking down for you in today’s post:

As stated previously, feel free to use my links above to skip around to any section of this post you want to learn more about.

Also, don’t forget about my short video that covers this topic in-depth a few paragraphs down.

Otherwise, if you have a few minutes to spare, stick around and begin implementing these 6 tips to help keep more chinchilla poop in the cage.

Let’s start diving into these special tricks and tips now.

Why Does Chinchilla Poop Always Fall Out of the Cage?

If you own a chinchilla now, I can already tell and know that you have been frustrated at least once with the frequency of the poop and how often it can fall out of the cage.

Chinchillas can be creative little rodents that may decide to throw some of their poop from time to time.

That’s correct, they chinchillas will throw poop (more on this later)

For those of you not aware, check out my post in the link coming up discussing how often chinchillas really poop.

Spoiler alert, it’s a lot of poop.

All the time. Rain or shine.

If you need to know exact numbers, you can read my post about if chinchillas poop a lot here.

There’s nothing you can do to stop this, and it’s a healthy chinchilla behavior.

If you are curious about other natural chinchilla behaviors, you can read my full guide about all chinchilla behavior here.

What we need to do instead is find the best way to keep the chinchilla’s cage clean and keep the poop on the inside of the cage bars.

Basically, we want to think of those poop nuggets as max security prisoners that we can’t afford to allow an escape ever happening again.

While I certainly can’t promise what results you achieve from my blog post, I can at least ensure you that it’s going to help dramatically.

If you stick around for just a few more minutes and hear me out on my top 6 tips to implement immediately.

With that being said, let’s jump into my 6 tips for keeping chinchilla poop inside the cage.

6 Tips for Keeping Chinchilla Poop Inside the Cage

As we dive into the 6 tips for keeping the chinchilla poop inside the cage, I wanted to be 100% transparent.

It’s challenging to always make this happen, and part of my tips is not only keeping chinchilla poop in the cage but to also keep the poop that does fall out contained and cleaner around the room where you keep your chinchilla.

Part of the struggle can be solved simply by purchasing one of the best chinchilla cages.

The reason being is simple.

The better chinchilla cages are going to allow for custom fleece liners which makes keeping the poop in the cage much easier.

I currently use the Piggy Bed Spread Fleece Liners (Link to Amazon).

These help dramatically to keep the cage clean, the poop more contained and are overall just more appealing in general.

Plus, you never have to worry about purchasing chinchilla bedding again.

My fleece liners are custom fit for the Critter Nation 2 Cage (Link to Amazon) which is the cage I currently recommend for any chinchilla owners.

You can read my full review of the Critter Nation 2 Cage Here.

I will also include pictures of my set up that I use that helps dramatically so that you can see exactly what I’m referring too.

My video below will also help detail some of this information for you as well.

Let’s get this party started.

#1-Trash Cans Can Limit the Mess Dramatically If You Execute Properly

I Place Trash Cans Like This Outside of My Chinchillas Cage To Help Catch Any Poop That Tries To Escape The Cage

The first tip I have for you is using small trash cans and having them placed strategically next to your chinchilla cage.

For me personally, I like to have a small trash can placed right under the hay feeders as well on the left side of my cage.

My chinchilla not only lets her poop fall out of her cage but frequently will toss the hay she doesn’t want right out the side of the cage.

Placing the small trash can beneath the hay feeders allows it to catch about 98% of the hay and keeps it off my floor.

Additionally, place a small trash can or even 2 on the other side of the cage.

Whatever the reasoning may be, my chinchilla doesn’t ever have poop fall out of the front of the Critter Nation 2 cage.

Only the left and right sides.

The poop also never falls out of the back of the cage since it’s placed up against a wall.

If you set these garbage cans next to the left and right sides of the cage, they can do a great job catching some of the poop nuggets that naturally fall out of the cage in between cage cleanings.

Give it a shot and be sure to drop a comment below about this tip works for you.

#2-Fleece Liners for Your Cage Are A Dream Come True

I’m a huge fan of the fleece liners inside of the Critter Nation cages for a few reasons.

First, they are extremely easy to clean compared to swapping out bedding or shavings every 3-4 days.

They are also safe for your chinchilla and so far into using them, I like how easy they are to shop vacuum that poop right off the fleece.

It only takes a few minutes each day to keep your chinchilla cage clean using this method.

Try using fleece liners on your trays to help keep your cage overall cleaner and shop vacuum it daily.

#3-Frequent Chinchilla Cage Cleanings Are Your Best Friend

This is probably the number #1 way you can reduce the amount of poop falling out of your chinchilla’s cage on the floor.

You simply need to clean the cage more often.

I like to vacuum or “shop vacuum” my chinchilla’s cage every day.

Especially the wooden shelves on the sides of the cage.

When your chinchilla poops on these shelves, it tends to fly on to the floor much more often than the poop on the fleece liners.

The more you clean your chinchilla’s cage, the less poop, hay, and other discarded items you will ultimately have to deal with it making it onto your floors or causing other messes.

#4-Interactions with Your Chinchilla Take You Further Than You May Believe

I honestly don’t know how true this is but have read others mentioning how their chinchillas will display some rather odd behavior when they are upset at lack of interaction and communication.

One of those behaviors has been their own chinchilla’s throwing their poop (more on this later)

I’ve personally never seen this, and I’m not aware of my chinchilla doing this.

However, I can tell you that the more interaction my chinchilla gets out of her cage and bonding with me, the less crazy and wild she’s going to act in the cage.

#5-Purchase A Shop Vac and Use It Each and Every Day. It’s Fast and Easy

This Is The Shop-Vac I Use.
It Sits Right By My Chinchillas Cage At All Times!

If you don’t own a shop vacuum, you need to get one.

They make life a dream come true with owning a chinchilla.

All I do every morning is take 5 minutes to vacuum her fleece liners inside of her cage and all her wooden shelves.

It literally only takes about 3-5 minutes, and the cage remains clean and poop-free.

Doing this clearly removes the potential of the poop nuggets ending up all over my floor.

I use just a regular shop vacuum such as one above.

I vacuum the cage each day, and I just leave the vacuum plugged in and stored right next to my chinchilla’s cage.

It’s always ready for use and only takes just a second to put into action.

This is a sure-fire way to remove poop debris from the floors outside of your chinchilla cage and to help keep the inside of your chinchilla cage clean and tidy.

#6- Get Used to It and Suck It Up, It’s Part of Being A Pet Owner, and Things Happen

I know, I know, not the tip you were looking for, but it’s true.

One of the trade-offs that occur when you own a chinchilla is a mere fact that they poop all the time.

It’s hard to avoid this.

Sometimes, the poop is going to make it outside of the cage onto the floor.

Chinchillas are not like other rodents where they can have a glass or fully enclosed cages. Their fur is too dense.

They have to remain cool to avoid overheating and potential death which means an open style cage is your only option.

Additionally, it’s one of the reasons that chinchillas are not hard to care for at all.

Just get used to it because it’s bound to happen.

Plain and simple.

Chinchillas Throwing Poop, Yes, It Can Happen

As promised, I mentioned that chinchillas will throw poop and it’s 100% true.

In fact, when I originally wrote this post, I had not witnessed the all so popular chinchilla poop throwing routines.

Now, I have.

Sometimes, it seems that just as a cry for attention or to show dissatisfaction, that chinchillas will throw their poop.

Not much you can do about it and I don’t think they will ever run out of poop to throw out of the cage.

That’s for sure.

All you can do in this situation is to continue implementing my tips above and do your best.

More Advice About Keeping Chinchilla Poop in the Cage

When you have a rodent that can and will poop more than 200 times per day, it’s likely that some of the poop will exit the cage from time to time.

Especially when you factor in that they are constantly jumping and climbing all over the cage.

When they have small poop nuggets all over the cage and the shelves and are jumping and climbing quickly all over the place, it’s just extremely easy for them to kick some of the poop out of the cage from time to time.

Get used to it.

Chinchilla’s have a unique benefit that they do not smell, they remain very clean with nothing, but a dust bath and their poop is 99.9% of the time hard and causes no odor or residue.

A few poop nuggets from time to time is not the end of the world.

This is about as dirty as it gets with chinchillas and one of the reasons chinchillas make such great pets to own.

The Final Word, Chinchilla’s Will Always Poop Non-Stop, Get Creative and Stay Clean

So, let’s recap for a moment. How do you keep chinchilla poop inside of the cage?

Clean the cage frequently and use small trash cans around the cage to catch the poop as it falls.

Find other creative ways to keep your chinchillas’ environment as clean as possible.

Chinchillas make wonderful, friendly pets that the entire family can own for the next 15-20 years.

A little hard nugget of poop on the floor from time to time is nothing to fret over.

Keep up with your routines and interact with your chinchilla and over the course of time, you will develop your own methods and techniques to keep chinchilla poop in the cage as well.

I’d also love your feedback on this topic as well.

How do you keep your chinchilla poop in the cage and what do you do to limit the amount of poop and mess your chinchilla creates around the cage?

Be sure to share your stories and comments below.

As always, Chili and I appreciate you stopping by and showing support to Planet Chinchilla.

See you next time.

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