Do Chinchillas Like Tunnels[Yes+Great Chinchilla Tunnel Options ]

Chinchillas are underrated, less discussed, and frankly, one of the best pets any family can choose to adopt and wondering if tunnels for a chinchilla is a worthwhile accessory is a great question to ask.

Deciding to adopt a chinchilla doesn’t come without some responsibility.

Making them a family member requires you to understand their behavior and personality.

This puts you on the path to affording them the best chinchilla cages accessories and toys possible to keep them happy and healthy.

Do chinchillas like tunnels?

I’ve owned a chinchilla for 5+ years and literally purchased just about every possible accessory you can imagine for the sake of this blog and my readers, and here’s what I can tell you on this topic.

So, do chinchillas like tunnels? Yes, chinchillas like tunnels. Chinchillas need accessories inside of their cage to remain stimulated and to avoid getting bored and even depressed. Chinchillas especially enjoy tunnels because they are enclosed and allow them to explore while feeling safe.

That’s the quick and to the point answer to the question.

However, if you read many of the posts on this site, you know I typically like to dive one step further and give full explanations on the topics at hand.

Here’s what I intend on breaking down for you in today’s brief 3-minute post:

Chinchilla Tunnels and Why Chinchillas Love Them

Here’s the inside scoop, my fellow chinchilla owners.

Any addition, including a chinchilla tunnel, is a great upgrade for any chinchilla cage.

The proper size chinchilla cages and the accumulation of these upgrades that make for excellent chinchilla cages and help immensely to keep your chinchilla happy and stimulated.

Tunnels are no exception.

They are a fantastic addition.

I’ve made a quick video showing you inside of my chinchilla’s cage that I’ve placed below.

It will let you see which tunnels I prefer in addition to other tips to implement.

You can see that video I put together here.

Chinchillas love anything that they can climb inside of.

Especially when they climb inside of the tunnel and on top of the tunnel.

It’s a win-win.

I highly recommend using tunnels that are NOT plastic.

Chinchillas are naturally chewing animals.

Chewing the actual tunnel is no big deal.


It’s the plastic that you want to avoid, so stick to tunnels without plastic, so you don’t end up with a sick chinchilla to deal with.

I currently use the Prevue Hendrix Tunnel and love it.

You can see it here (Link to Amazon)

It’s safe if your chinchilla wants to chew it.

Not to mention, it’s relatively durable for being so cheap, and it has multiple entry/exit points, which keeps things interesting for your furry little friend.

This doesn’t need to be rocket science in order to find the best chinchilla tunnel.

Anything will suffice if it’s safe!

Chinchillas Need More Than Tunnels Inside Of The Cage

No matter if you decide you want multiple tunnels or other items, the important thing to always remember is that cage accessories and additional toys are necessary.

I discuss this in TONS of my blog posts.

Your chinchilla is in their cage in most circumstances for more than 22-23 hours per day.

Yes, I understand that a great deal of this time is sleeping.

However, they are naturally curious and smart animals.

They can even get depressed when they don’t have enough social interaction or enough to do inside the cage and outside of the cage.

Don’t put yourself in that situation.

Consider other items as well, such as plenty of safe chew sticks and find some good nesting boxes for your chinchilla.

Even consider hanging a safe chinchilla hammock from the top deck of the cage to give your chinchilla another spot to sleep, climb or just relax if they prefer.

Where to Find the Best Chinchilla Tunnels

As mentioned in the paragraphs above, this isn’t rocket science.

Simply avoid plastic items when possible which means avoiding plastic tunnels.

For nearly everything I purchase for my chinchilla, I turn to Amazon and this is also where I purchased the chinchilla tunnel that I have inside of my cage.

Mainly because Amazon continues to make my life easy with fast and free shipping.

If you avoid plastic, you can have fun searching for chinchilla tunnels wherever you please.

For the most part, they are going to be relatively cheap, and they are going to hold up for months or longer at a time.

It’s an easy and short process to find a few great tunnels for your chinchilla.

Recommend Chinchilla Tunnels

Chinchilla tunnels are relatively straightforward as long as you avoid plastic.

Nonetheless, here are a few of my other recommendations you can consider for your chinchilla tunnels.

I prefer all of these chinchilla tunnels for a few reasons.

First, I know they are safe and breathable which helps avoid issues such as overheating and heatstroke for your chinchilla.

Secondly, I like that they are all edible and healthy if your chinchilla did decide to chew on them.

All three will make excellent tunnels for your chinchilla so it is really up to you, what space you available inside of your chinchilla cage and your personal prefrences.

3 Best Chinchilla Tunnels

1.) Snak Shak Edible Hideaway (Link to Amazon)

2.) Oxbow Animal Health Timothy Hay Tunnel (Link to Amazon)

3.) Niteangel Natural Hideaway Grass Tunnel (Link to Amazon)

Other Safety Precautions and Tips To Implement With Chinchilla Tunnels

One last recommendation I have for you when searching for a tunnel is to ensure that it doesn’t seem too flimsy, and it’s not “too enclosed.”

The reason for this is the temperature issue you always must be aware of with chinchillas.

Chinchillas can overheat very quickly, and it can be fatal.

Make sure you don’t have a tunnel that appears it can collapse while your chinchilla is inside, or that doesn’t seem too difficult for your chinchilla to navigate inside and out of.

Typically, this is not going to be a concern with most of the tunnels you can find unless it seems very easy for chinchilla chewing to do damage to the foundations of the tunnel itself.

I have a bit of OCD when it comes to my chinchilla that hasn’t gone away during these first few years.

My methods typically involve purchasing what I think will be the most fun, and then merely monitoring a bit more closely for a few days to make sure things are working out okay inside of the cage.

However, I also work from home, which makes it very easy for me to keep tabs on the new items and my chinchilla in general.

I know that all of you don’t have this luxury.

That’s perfectly fine.

If that’s the case, simply make sure you check on them before and after work or before bed to make sure everything still seems safe and useable.

This doesn’t go for just chinchilla tunnels, either my friends.

Do this during any upgrades or new accessories you add to your cage.

Especially if it’s items like this or even a chinchilla hammock.

It’s just being an ethical and caring owner.

Nothing fancy about it and doesn’t require any additional work on your end.

Chinchilla Tunnels Make For An Excellent Addition To Any Chinchilla Cage

Chinchilla tunnels are an awesome upgrade to any chinchilla cage.

If you read much on my website, you know I’m all about turning a chinchilla’s cage into a paradise and a playground in every way possible.

It’s just what I believe is necessary for a rodent that spends such a great deal of time inside of their cage.

It keeps them happy.

It keeps them healthy, and it keeps them stimulated during those times that you can’t always get them out for their favorite time of all.

Social interaction with you.

Do You Use Chinchilla Tunnels For Your Chinchilla?

Do you utilize chinchilla tunnels to give your chinchilla more fun inside of their cage?

What’s your favorite tunnel to use?

Any other safety precautions you recommend for the readers to keep all of our chinchillas safe and healthy?

Be sure to share your thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Chili and I appreciate you stopping by and reading.

Thanks again, and we will see you next time.

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