Can Chinchillas Have Plastic Cages? [Here’s How It Works]

Finding the safest and best chinchilla cage for your new chin is always a top concern.

It was one of my most significant concerns right after I adopted my chinchilla, as well.

I also had no clue what I was doing in the beginning, and I’m sure that some of you may feel the same way.

I was curious about one thing when it comes to chinchilla cages.

Can chinchillas have plastic cages?

I’ve now owned my chinchilla for several years, and I’ve also had a total of 4 chinchilla cages in that time span, and here’s what I can tell you on this specific topic.

So, can chinchillas have plastic cages? No, chinchillas should not have plastic cages. Chinchillas will chew plastic and possibly ingest plastic. Chinchilla cages made with wire bars are a better alternative, and plastic constructed chinchilla cages should be avoided.

I know what you are probably thinking.

A lot of the chinchilla cages you see online, in stores, and on popular platforms such as Amazon seem to contain a significant amount of plastic.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but that doesn’t make the cage any more suitable.

That’s what the rest of this post is designed to help you with.

I’m going to answer common questions about chinchilla cages and point you towards several different resources I have on chinchilla cages to get you started in the right direction.

I’ve also created easy to navigate links directly below that will allow you to skip to any specific section of this post that you desire to learn more about.


Here’s what I intend on covering for you today:

Like mentioned previously, if you are in a hurry, feel free to skip to any specific section of this post that you need to learn more about.

Otherwise, if you have 2 minutes to spare, I advise that you check out the full post below.

Here’s what you need to know.

Why Chinchillas Should Never Have Plastic Cages

Just like we touched on at the beginning of this post, plastic cages for chinchillas should be avoided.

Especially since it’s easy to avoid and won’t cost you much extra to purchase a chinchilla cage that’s more suitable.

Chinchillas are chewers.

They love to chew about anything they can access.

A chinchilla chewing plastic can cause issues to their health.

This means that you not only need to avoid plastic cage construction but need to avoid plastic accessories inside of the cage as well, such as the chinchilla toys you purchase.

If you need recommendations on which toys to purchase, you can read my full-guide to purchasing the best chinchilla toys here.

If you have plastic pull out trays, make sure to stick to using heavy-duty plastic.

This will help the trays last longer while protecting your chinchilla in the process.

I also highly recommend using fleece liners over the trays.

I currently use the Piggy Bed Spreads Liners (Link to Amazon) in my chinchilla cage.

They are straightforward to clean and make your chinchilla much more comfortable.

I currently use them on the trays that come included with the Midwest Critter Nation 2 Dual Level Cage (Link to Amazon).

This cage is a prime example of the kind of cage you should be looking for.

It ranks number 1 on my list.

You can read about all the best chinchilla cages I recommend here.

The fleece liners I mentioned previously are specifically cut and designed for the trays on this cage, which makes life that much easier.

What Chinchilla Cages to Consider Instead

Assuming you checked out the cages in the post referenced directly above, you will notice a few things that all the chinchilla cages I recommend have in common.

First and foremost, as we discussed previously, avoid plastic.

The second most important consideration is to ensure that the cage is also large enough for your chinchilla.

Chinchillas need plenty of space to climb.

They also love to bounce and jump from ledge to ledge inside of the cage.

Finding a cage that promotes plenty of height for your chinchilla is ethical and the best approach.

I’d also stick to a cage that you have the option of using the fleece liners I mentioned a few minutes ago.

They are one of the best chinchilla bedding options you can use, and eventually, I can almost guarantee that you will want to switch to them.

They are just easier to manage, look better, and ultimately save you a lot of money in the long run.

Once you have these two considerations nailed down, make sure that you select a cage that has easy attachment options.

The Critter Nation I have already referenced is fantastic for this.

It has very closely spaced bars so you can easily attach ledges, shelves, and other hanging toys for your chinchillas.

If you want to see a full review of the Critter Nation 2 Dual Level Cage, you can do so here.

Other Tips to Implement

One thing I like all my current or potential chinchilla owners to think about and understand is that chinchillas will be inside of their cage for probably 96 % of the time that they are alive.

This is a long time spent inside of a cage over the course of 15-20 years.

Make sure you accommodate.

Why make their lives dull and not provide them with activities that can make their lives more comfortable and safer?

Consider other items that chinchillas love and need, such as nesting boxes.

Even consider using a hammock inside of the cage for an excellent spot for your chinchilla to relax or sleep.

You can read about the best chinchilla hammocks that I recommend here.

The more you put into the relationship, and the more your chinchilla has to do inside of the cage, the healthier and happier they will ultimately be.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, plastic must be avoided for chinchilla cages.

It would likely save us some cash on cages if it weren’t such a risk or potential issue for a chinchilla.

However, like we started off discussing, purchasing the correct chinchilla cage really doesn’t cost anything extra if you look in the correct spots such as Amazon.

Chinchillas make for awesome pets.

They are social and loving animals, and if you are currently debating adopting one soon, I highly recommend it.

It’s been a blast for me, and I’m sure it would be for you too.

What Cages and Accessories Do You Recommend?

Do you recommend anything additional that we didn’t discuss in this post?

Have you ever had any issues using plastic in your chinchilla’s cage?

Be sure to share your thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, thanks for reading, Chili and I appreciate you stopping by.

We will see you next time!

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