Should I Get A Chinchilla? [11 Reasons the Answer Is Yes]

If you are reading this post, I know exactly where you are at mentally. I was in the exact same spot wondering if I should get a chinchilla.

The time flies after you pull the trigger and adopt a chinchilla, but beforehand you likely have fears and concerns.

My primary concern was the broadest question you could likely search.

Should I get a chinchilla?

After owning a chinchilla and going through the journey, here is what I can tell you.

Yes, you should get a chinchilla. Chinchillas are wonderful family pets. Chinchilla’s require less money than many other common household pets. Chinchillas are very clean animals, and chinchillas are overall, a straightforward animal to care for. Chinchillas only require a safe environment and a loving home.

While that may seem like a basic and straightforward answer, I wanted to have more fun with this post today and breakdown this question much more in-depth.

In fact, if you stick around for about 3 minutes, I’m going to break down my top 11 reasons that you should purchase a chinchilla.

Ultimately, by the end of the post, you should be able to make an informed decision, and I’m confident that I know which direction you will eventually decide to go.

Without further ado, let me give you 11 excellent reasons you need to get a chinchilla as your next family pet.

should i get a chinchilla

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11 Reasons You Should Get A Chinchilla

While it was challenging to narrow this down to 11 reasons that you should get a chinchilla, I did manage to get it done.

These 11 reasons that you should purchase a chinchilla are in no order of importance.

I literally busted out an old legal pad and pen and wrote down my favorite things about owning a chinchilla and the top 11 reasons I know you will enjoy being a chinchilla parent as much as I have enjoyed it.

Reason #1- Chinchillas Are Extremely Friendly and Loving Pets

This may seem somewhat obvious, and like a typical response a current chinchilla owner would offer up to potentially interested individuals, but it’s 100% true.

Chinchilla’s when you first adopt them may not be the most loving or cuddly pets.

This is also true.

However, this is normal about many common household pets.

Chinchillas can adapt to their new environment very quickly.

Once this happens the bond only grows stronger between you and your chinchilla.

Once your chinchilla is fully warmed up to you, it doesn’t take much time at all for them to begin showing love and affection towards you.

This alone I think is a sure-fire reason why you should get a chinchilla if you are currently on the fence.

Who wants a pet that shows no love, affection, or any unique personality traits.

Certainly not me and I doubt that’s what you are looking for.

The good news is that purchasing a chinchilla will not result in anything short of a unique, entertaining, and loving pet.

Reasons #2- Chinchillas Are Very Cheap to Own

I’m already aware that someone will give me some kickback to this statement in the comments below.

Let me 100% clear and transparent.

Chinchillas are extremely cheap too own after the initial purchase.

Chinchillas are only so expensive during the first few weeks because of all the original items needed.

Once you have purchased an adequately sized cage, bedding, and your initial items that your chinchilla will enjoy playing with, your cost will drop significantly.

When I first purchased my chinchilla, I went through the exact same process.

I shelled out most of the money in the first few weeks, and since then, my cost has been very minimal, and I’m honestly 100% impressed with how cheap owning a chinchilla really is.

100% cheaper than my 100 lb. yellow lab.

That’s for sure.

If you don’t believe it, just wait till happens to you.

Reason #3-Chinchillas Are One of the Cleanest Pets to Own

This may be my favorite reason on this entire list, and I don’t think this is an area where I will get any kickback.

Chinchillas are extremely clean animals.

You can start by educating yourself by reading my post about how chinchillas are also allergy-friendly here.

Chinchilla’s produce minimal dander, and unless they are scared or have other illnesses, chinchillas also don’t shed.

I have a full post on this as well breaking down everything you need to know about chinchilla fur that you can check out here.

Pro-Tip* If you want to make life even easier and really have a clean chinchilla, invest in some fleece liners for your trays inside of your chinchilla cage.

In case you are on the fence about the safety involved with fleece liners, you can read my post here that details everything you need to know about chinchillas and fleece.

It’s 100% safe, and it eliminates ever needing to purchase bedding or shavings again for your chinchilla cage.

They need to be washed a few times a week in cold water. I use this exact set of fleece liners (Link to Amazon).

The only downfall I can think of is that I believe they are only currently offered for the Critter Nation 2 Dual Level cage.

This happens to be the chinchilla cage I recommend for optimal space, plenty of levels, and other reasons that make it a clear choice for the best chinchilla cage.

If you haven’t crossed that item off your to-do list, you can see the Critter Nation 2 Dual Level Cage here (Link to Amazon)

No Traditional Baths and Dry Poop Make Life Easy

Sticking to the same topic about how clean chinchillas are, we must mention that they don’t require any baths in a traditional sense and need nothing more than a few minutes rolling around inside a bowl of dust.

Additionally, chinchillas poop is very hard and easy to clean nuggets that can be vacuumed in no time.

The only complaint I see from other chinchilla owners is finding a way to keep the chinchilla poop in the cage.

If you take the time to clean your chinchilla cage regularly and allow your chinchilla a dust bath 2-3 times per week and use the fleece liners I recommended, they will ultimately be one of the cleanest and easiest pets to care for and own you have likely ever had.

Of course, if this isn’t your experience, be sure to drop a comment below because I’d venture to say that something is off, and I’ve never had any issues with my chinchilla producing any odors or showing any signs of being a dirty animal whatsoever.

Reason #4-Chinchillas Are Very Easy to Care For

It’s probably already becoming very clear that chinchillas are easy to care for.

The biggest things chinchilla’s need is a large chinchilla cage, and proper temperatures to remain safe from potential overheating.

Overheating can lead to heatstroke which is one of the primary concerns to always keep in mind if you do adopt a chinchilla.

Additionally, it is important that you socialize and interact with your chinchilla as much as possible.

It’s advised and my recommendation to make a habit of this at least once per day for 30-60 minutes.

Additionally, you want to ensure that you begin playtime in a room that’s safe for chinchillas.

Chinchilla proofing a room includes a few things.

First, you want to make sure the room is blocked off, so your chinchilla doesn’t attempt to run away from you.

Additionally, it’s important that you protect all the wires inside of the room.

If you need help with this, start with my guide about protecting all wires because chinchillas will chew them which you can see here.

Lastly, you also want to make sure the room has some safe space where your chinchilla can free roam and stretch out a bit. Chinchillas love nothing more than jumping as high as they can.

Chinchillas also get a large amount of joy out of climbing various items and letting their natural abilities showcase themselves.

While these may be secondary considerations and not necessarily imperative from day 1, it surely will help your chinchilla remain happy, healthy, and enjoy playtime to the fullest.

Factor in how easy these things are to accomplish and the fact that chinchillas become a very cheap animal to own, it becomes easy to understand that chinchillas are not hard to take care of in any fashion.

Reason #5-Chinchillas Have Extremely Unique Personalities

I also love to discuss this reason and make it clear that you need to get a chinchilla.

Chinchillas are incredibly entertaining to watch, play with, and interact with.

Sure, some things are off-limits.

For instance, you can’t have your chinchilla playing with your dog in the same room.

Outside of this, if you haven’t watched a video of a chinchilla taking a dust bath or even jumping on their owners’ shoulders and head then you are certainly missing out.

It’s even better when it’s your own chinchilla.

I also love that chinchilla’s make unique noises to communicate, such as barking or even a slight chirp.

They have feisty personalities, and they love to let them shine.

This keeps each day as a new adventure that’s hard to complain about.

Don’t worry, if you do purchase a chinchilla, I don’t think it will be long before you begin posting videos or images of your own chinchillas’ fun and crazy behaviors.

Reason #6-They Are the Softest of Them All

I don’t want any backtalk for this reason and think it deserves a spot on this list.

If you haven’t touched or pet a chinchilla, you are missing out big time.

I always knew, heard, and read how soft chinchillas are, but you must pet one or own a chinchilla to believe it.

Talk about the best few minutes of cuddle time you can ask for.

Their fur is in a league of its own.

Unfortunately, it is possible that your chinchilla isn’t a big fan of being held.

Don’t worry about this either. Chinchillas are not known to bite or cause harm to their owners but overall, a few minutes petting and playing with a chinchilla is unique and the softest experience you will likely ever experience with an animal or a family pet for that matter.

Reason #7-Your Friends and Family Will Think It’s Awesome

How many people own hamsters?

I bet a lot worldwide.

It’s an extremely common pet.

I’m not even in the slightest claiming that hamsters aren’t great pets either so don’t get me wrong.

What I’m saying is that owning a chinchilla is unique and exotic all by itself.

I do understand that chinchillas are somewhat popular but not as popular as other rodents you can adopt as pets.

I even took the time to do a 1 on 1 battle between another common pet and the chinchilla.

It’s all about who is the better pet between rabbits and chinchillas that you can see here.

I think that owning a chinchilla is unique all on its own and another excellent reason to pull the trigger and adopt one as soon as possible if you are currently on the fence.

All my friends and family thought I was crazy for about the first day and then realized how awesome chinchillas really are and began to understand my pure love and enthusiasm towards chinchillas in general.

Trust me, any naysayers that surface during the initial days will change their tune quickly.

Reason #8-Chinchillas Can Surprise You Every day

This reason ties directly back into my previous reason about chinchillas being unique animals.

Well, on top of having a crazy and interactive personality, they also find ways to surprise you each day which I love.

It’s never in a bad way.

It’s typically a new sound they make, a new way to show love or something else that brings a smile to your face.

It’s been rare that my chinchilla has ever surprised me in a bad way.

An animal with this level of energy, love, and enthusiasm for social interaction just continues to do things that can turn a bad day into a good day quickly.

This is also a reason you will have to take my word for, but I assure you, it will happen for you too.

Reasons #9-Chinchillas Are More Personal Than You Believe

I also love how personal a chinchilla is.

You will notice the family members quickly your chinchilla has a liking for.

For example, when I enter the room, she is front and center with her front paws on the cage door ready to come out and play.

However, when my two-year-old son enters the room, she goes straight back into her hiding box.

I get it.

My son is loud and maybe scaring her.

However, I was just purely amazed at how much they learn your voice, visual appearance, and show their attitude and love towards you.

At the beginning during the adaption phase, this will be very hard to notice but after a few short weeks and enough time out to play, you will begin seeing just how personal a chinchilla can really be.

Trust me, it’s fantastic.

Reason #10-Chinchillas Don’t Need to Be Walked or Let Outside

Listen, people. I have a dog, so maybe this reason doesn’t apply to you, but it surely made my list and matters to me.

I get that you still must clean the cage and yes, chinchillas do pee like any other animal.

However, it’s nice if you take my advice from before and purchase several sets of fleece liners that you can easily change out.

It’s more like changing the sheet on the bed once a week.

You don’t have to walk outside in the winter or take long walks on the 100-degree heat of summer.

Again, maybe none of you have owned a dog and think this reason is stupid, but for those of you that have,

I’m sure you can appreciate that chinchillas are low maintenance in this respect.

In fact, as another bonus, you can read my post about potentially potty training your chinchilla here.

That will take their abilities to be the cleanest pet you can adopt and your cleaning duties to an all-new level (in a good way).

Reason #11-Chinchillas Love You and Recognize You

Finally, on this list is a pure fact that your chinchilla does love you and, 100% recognizes you as the owner.

I knew this immediately by the difference in attitude my 1-year old female chinchilla displays when she sees me as opposed to when she sees my son or even my wife.

It’s clear that a chinchilla figures out who’s in charge and who takes care of them daily.

My chinchilla loves my son and wife too and will allow them to pet her, and she will remain calm, but overall, I think it’s outstanding how she recognizes me and how she shows love in unique ways.

You Should Definitely Get A Chinchilla

I honestly could have dragged this list on for another 20 reasons but didn’t find it necessary.

If you aren’t convinced by now that chinchillas are fantastic pets to own, it’s probably a good idea to not adopt one.

If you adopt one, I can’t imagine a situation where you would regret it.

I’m a creature of habit and have OCD, so adopting a new pet I’ve never owned scared the hell out of me, but it only took a day or two for my fears to begin disappearing.

This will be the same situation and what will happen for you too.

Chinchillas are loving, and great pets and they deserve a great home.

If you can provide the large cage, love, and time to interact and are still on the fence, I say you put this blog post down, get in the car and go adopt your chinchilla.

It only gets better as time passes and the good news is that you 15-20 years to enjoy a chinchilla with proper care.

Ultimately, the choice is yours, and wish you the best of luck.

I’d love to hear your top reasons for owning a chinchilla as well if you are currently a chinchilla owner.

Chili and I wish you the best of luck with your new chinchilla if you do decide to adopt.

Are You Going to Get A Chinchilla?

If you aren’t a chinchilla owner, be sure to share your top concerns and fears you are dealing with currently.

Be sure to share your thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Chili and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today and we will see you again next time.

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